2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years Review

This 2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years is a single cask picked by K&L and bottled for them by Hunter Laing under The Sovereign label. It’s a spry 9-years-old, but it spent all of those years in a first-fill ex-sherry cask that’s given it a gorgeous color, aroma and flavor. For more details on the whisky I’ll let the K&L guys do the talking.

In K&L’s Words: 2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years

“Aultmore isn’t one of Scotland’s most recognizable whisky names, but ever since Bacardi’s move to establish the Dewar’s distilleries as veritable single malt brands, names like Craigellachie, Royal Brackla, Aberfeldy and Aultmore are moving more to the forefront on the global stage. Originally founded in 1896, Aultmore was sold by Diageo to Bacardi over 100 years later as part of the big Bombay gin deal, resulting in a rarely seen 12 year old edition half a decade later. Located in the Speyside region, the distillery’s sherried malts are often described as having flavors of “milky coffee” and that’s most definitely the case with this heavily-sherried 9 year old expression.
Coffee in both its color and its aromas, the nose is pungent with heavily-roasted aromas and savory Oloroso rancio. Don’t be confused by the color, however, because despite its dark hue this is no supple, sweetly-flavored Sherry bomb. In fact, it’s a robust malt, dry on the finish and almost savory in its profile. The mid-palate is loaded with toasted almonds, tobacco, and bitter orange, but the finish is short and simple. While many of our casks are meant to be pondered and savored, this 9 year old Aultmore is very much to the point. It’s a cask strength, sherry-matured edition of everyday quality single malt, priced to drink and enjoy in volume. The high proof is almost unrecognizable with the saturation of the sherry and its very much drinkable at full strength.”

The Davids always have a lot to say about their whisky picks, and rightly so. I have nothing to add so, on to the 2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years review!

2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years Info

Region: Speyside

Distiller: Aultmore
Bottler: The Sovereign (Hunter Laing)
Mashbill: 100% Malted Barley
Cask: First Fill Sherry
Age: 9 Years
ABV: 59.7%

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Cask: HL13138
Bottle: 511

Price: $50

2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years Review

Ruddy copper

Sherry! Cinnamon, dark fruit, cocoa, leather, roasted malt, ash and a bit of orange peel and gingerbread. It’s deep and heavy; water enhances the richness and adds a bit more citrus to it.

Sherry! Cocoa, leather, syrupy dark fruit, cinnamon, nuts and some pepper and orange peels. Like the aroma its’ dense and oily but water brings out some ginger instead of citrus.

Long -> Dark fruit, tobacco, cocoa powder and leather.

Well balanced, full body and an oily slick feel.

The 2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years is damn good whisky… damn good, and at $50 it’s also a steal. A big dense whisky with a bold delivery from start to finish this is the kind of amazing and affordable sherry bomb that’s been missing from the market over the last few years. Its overall character is reminiscent of The Macallan Cask Strength which we did a side-by-side with a few nights ago and it was incredible how similar they were.

I’m delighted to start seeing these kinds of whiskies showing back up on the market at prices “normal” people can afford. All too often, lately, I’ve seen whiskies priced crazy high just because they were heavily sherried. The 2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years is either a sign of a shifting tide or a reminder that the guys at K&L always have their eyes out for a delicious deal. Or maybe, a bit of both.

SCORE: 88/100 (B+)

2008 Sovereign Aultmore 9 Years Label

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