2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition Review

The 2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition is similar to the 2015 Yellowstone LE in several ways. The whiskey in the bottle was all sourced (likely from Heaven Hill who Luxco has deep connections with), carries a 7 year age-statement, is over 50% ABV and carries a $100 price tag. It’s unlike its 2015 predecessor in that the 2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition was finished in toasted wine barrels.

In Yellowstone’s Words: 2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition

“This year’s limited edition combines two extra-aged rye mashed bourbons – a stately 12-year and a bold 7-year – hand-selected and finished for several months in new toasted wine barrels. The result is a small batch legendary bourbon with a truly unique complexity and character.
“We used 28 new wine barrels with varying levels of toast – I was interested in how toasting versus charring would contribute to the bourbon,” says Steve Beam, president and distiller of Limestone Branch Distillery. “The result was a delightful nose that is full of vanilla, sweet tea and summer fruit with a hint of smoke.””

As you’ll see in the 2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition review below, the whisky is fairly good, but again my issue is the price. $100 is a bit much to pay for what you get here but with them producing 7,000 bottles of this follow-up to the 2015 I guess it’s having no issues selling. While I would have a hard time laying down $100 for this it seems like thousands of people out there don’t have that problem and the folks at Limestone Branch are filling a niche. Good for them; I genuinely mean that.

2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Blender & Bottler: Limestone Branch
Mashbill: Corn, Rye & Malted Barley
Cask: New Charred Oak + Toasted Wine Barrels
Age: 7 Years (12 & 7 year blend)
ABV: 50.5%

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Batch: 2016

Price: $100*

2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition Review


Caramel corn, nuts, vanilla, toasted grains, acetone and some bits of spice and citrus.

Hazelnuts, caramel corn, vanilla, oak, acetone and a light bit of spice.

Medium fade of acetone, oak, spice, caramel and cinnamon.

Ok balance, medium body and a softer feel than I would have expected from a 101.


2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition is an ok whiskey. I don’t get even a hint of wine or the smoke they talk about but everyone’s different and maybe I’m just not sensitive to the kind of smoke they’re talking about… or maybe it’s not there… I don’t know. What I do know though is that this whiskey comes across fairly light.

The aroma of the 2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition comes across light and effortless with the sweeter notes taking up the bulk of the aroma. The palate follows through with flavor that’s equally light and almost austere in a way.Though if I were going to peg a truly dominant character for this whiskey it would be nutty. It’s tasty, but there’s just not a whole lot to it and water didn’t open it up much.

SCORE: 84/100 (B)

2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition Label

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