by Jordan Catapano

209 Cherry Pie Martini

This Father’s Day, give dad the best of both worlds: his martini and his dessert. This recipe requires no dough rolling, no cherry pitting, and no baking. Just a few fabulous ingredients and a well chilled martini glass. Actually- make that a couple of cold martini glasses, as I’m sure pops will insist on not drinking alone.

Happy Father’s Day!

Cherry Pie Martini
2.5 ounces Distillery No. 209 Gin
½ cup DOLE dark sweet frozen cherries
1 ounce cherry juice
1 ounce Torani vanilla syrup

Directions: Fill a martini shaker with the gin, cherry juice, and vanilla syrup. Add the frozen cherries as a replacement to ice cubes and shake until the ingredients are well mixed. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a few of the cherries from the shaker.


  • Bottle of Distillery 209 Gin
  • Drink fixings – vermouth, Fever Tree, tonic, lime and lemon
  • A few new bar accessories
  • Deck of cards and instructions for a game of gin rummy