Beer beer beer; while some people say that it just doesn't taste right, some people swear by it as their go-to drink while out. Those that partake in the latter might be onto something, as for beer's a great go-to drink post-marathon for rehydration purposes. If this is intriguing in the slightest bit, you might be interested in 26.2 Brew.


Photo courtesy of 26.2 Brew

For starters, 26.2 Brew is a hazy ale that clocks in at 120 calories with a 4.0% ABU and is brewed with Himalayan sea salt and coriander. 26.2 Brew is the newest lovechild of the Marathon Brewing Company, which is a child of The Boston Beer Company (aka the parent maker of Sam Adams). The beer itself is available in the form of six-packs that retail for $9.99, 12-packs that vary in price from $16.99 to $18.99, on draft, and in a 24 ounce can which retails for $2.99. The packaging utilizes the unicorn logo from the Boston Athletic Association, which is also the symbol of the Boston Marathon.

So; on that note, if you're anything like me and can't stand running in the slightest bit and are more intrigued by cracking several cold ones open with the boys (or alone; or with anyone else, really), I'd highly consider picking up some 26.2 Brew since no one has time for crappy beer (not to name any names.....).