Café Mexico was one of my biggest projects in 2016, this was one of the cocktails that we opened with in late October of that year.

It was my homage to a cocktail I tasted at Fernando's Pub in Kelowna with the incomparable Gerry Jobe. It was a avocado margarita in a slushy machine and it was a revelation; almost existential in the space we were in. It was called the #34 Margarita, so this was my rendition.

#34 Fernando

1 ½ oz Reposado Tequila

½ oz Espadin Mezcal

2 oz lime avocado mix

1 oz. agave

Glass – Coupette

Method – Place in blender with 20oz ice

Garnish – sprig of cilantro with lime rind & salt pinch

Avocado Lime puree #34

200g avocado

200g lime juice

10g cilantro leaves