5 Bourbon Blogs You Should Follow All Year-Round

With Bourbon Heritage Month is drawing to an end I thought I’d take a minute and highlight some of my favorite bourbon blogs to read all-year-round. There are plenty of great blogs and sites out there run by amazing people, and I’d love to highlight them all, but I ain’t got that kind of time on my hands at the moment.

Instead, I’m doing my top 5. My go-tos; the ones I just really enjoy the way they write, the people behind them or both. If you’re not currently reading any of these I recommend you add them to your list!

Bourbon and Banter Logo

Bourbon and Banter

One of the blogs I subscribe to in Feedly and visit regularly. Not just because “Pops” is an awesome guy who knows how to show you around town, but because of the insightful articles and level of knowledge he has and has gathered through the writers on his site. If you’re not reading Bourbon and Banter you’re missing out. Hard.

Also, his events and giveaways are always fun to be a part of.



I first met Blake for or so years ago when he was doing a rating thing on the site. From there we’ve chatted, traded and other kinds of bourbony geekiness. I got to finally meet him in person on the Jim Beam Distillery tour and he was as nice as you’d expect. Come here for the knowledge, stay for the awesome community he’s built up.

Bourbon Review Logo

Bourbon Review

Their content extends well beyond just bourbon reviews. They look at life, restaurants and culture around Louisville as well as bourbon bars around the USA. If it has anything at all to do with bourbon, they’re into it.

Breaking Bourbon Logo

Breaking Bourbon

Great articles on the bourbon industry as a whole, good reviews and if you’re into swag they have it! These folks are always insightful and I love reading their opinions on everything that comes up. Another of my go-tos when I’m just looking for info or wanting to compare tasting notes.

Rarebird 101 Logo

Rarebird 101

I met Rarebird 101 on Instagram and our mutual love of all things Wild Turkey quickly turned into what passes for a friendship on Instagram. Being super specific about what he covers, Wild Turkey, you won’t find a large breadth of content, but you will find super passionate niche content that’s fun to read. Even if you’re not a massive Wild Turkey fan you should keep your eye on this one.

Hope that gives you some great new reading opportunities till next BHM. Cheers!

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