Mother's Day is great, but Mom deserves to be celebrated for more than just one day a year. Instead, give Mom a handmade gift that keeps on giving by becoming a master bartender. Sure, you could knit socks or paint a picture - but a homemade cocktail is even better. Whether she likes cheap tequila or expensive vodka, there's a cocktail out there for every type of mom. These simple, yet delicious recipes are perfect to pour during a standing date night with Mom to always remind her how much you care. Cheers!

1. Aperol Spritz
This is a great cocktail to sip with mom in the early evening as an apéritif. It balances citrus flavors with the bitter taste of Aperol and a splash of bubbly to make the perfect , slightly sweet chilled drink. Bonus points: tell mom to jump on the social media spritz trend by posting your handcrafted creation to her Instagram page.

2. Devil's Margarita
Yes, mom's an angel, but remember what you put her through in your younger years? Acknowledge those moments you were a little devil and say "sorry" with this Devil's Margarita. Tequila, lime, simple syrup and a splash of red wine make this both an interesting cocktail and a fun conversation starter to reminisce on old times.

3. London Mule
A sophisticated twist on an old classic: use gin for this mule instead of vodka. If your mother's a world traveler, she'll be able to share stories about her times across the pond while sipping on this gingery London Mule. Mind your manners and pinky's out, please.

4. Cosmopolitan
If she's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom, then she'll love a handmade Cosmo when celebrating her big day. The trick is a splash of Cointreau liqueur, mixed with lime juice, cranberry and citrus vodka. Shake together with ice, and strain in a martini glass to add some flair to a brunch or happy hour with Mom.

5. Frozen Sangria
Mother's Day marked the start of summer, and welcome the warmer weather with a frozen sangria cocktail. Though the blended version is a little bit more complicated to make than a normal sangria, make mom proud by pulling off this recipe. She'll appreciate the effort - and the final result.