Photo Credit: Jenni Bost

Amp up your party with wow-worthy cocktails that set the stage for an awesome night. Delicious day-glo drinks make a striking impression when the lights go down and the black lights come on. Cocktails that glow in the dark boost the party vibe and can be surprisingly simple to create. The magical incandescent ingredients are actually harmless mixers that are unexpectedly easy to get your hands on. Check out these examples of luscious, luminous drinks.

Take your your next party from ho-hum to happening with one of these glow-in-the-dark drinks, or light up your signature cocktail with a splash of quinine or a dash of riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2.

You can make virtually any clear or light-colored cocktail glow by replacing the club soda with quinine (in the form of tonic water) or by adding a splash of vitamin B2. Try incorporating an energy drink containing this vitamin or by opening a couple of B2 capsules and adding the contents to the cocktail. Other mixers may have equally luminescent properties. Try adding ingredients such as milk, honey or clear soft drinks like Mountain Dew or Sprite for various shades of yellow and gold under black light. Your guests are sure to be impressed.

1. Black Light Jell-O Shots

This popular party staple gets a radiant upgrade, but only four basic ingredients are required for this drink recipe. The key is to swap regular drinking water for tonic water. Bring one cup of tonic water to a boil and stir in a box of flavored gelatin (berry blue looks amazing), stirring until dissolved. Add 6 ounces of vodka and 2 ounces of rum, both ice cold, and continue stirring for about a minute. Pour into plastic shot glasses, pop in the fridge and serve when gelled.

2. Sonic Screwdriver

In this vibrant drink honoring “The Doctor,” tonic water is the special element in this cocktail, as well. Tonic water contains quinine, which is a natural substance from the South American cinchona tree that happens to glow in the dark. To prepare, pour one ounce each of Blue Curacao and blueberry vodka (you can find several brands at Liquor.com) as well as one-half ounce of spiced rum into a glass and top it all off with tonic water.

3. Green Scorpion

The sting this cocktail provides is also what causes it to glow. A bit of vitamin B2 will give you a boost of energy and cause the beverage to glow. Although you could put straight liquid vitamin B2 in a beverage, this recipe calls for a B-containing energy drink, which provides added flavor. Mix one measure whiskey, one measure vodka and two dashes Blue Curacao with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake, strain into a highball glass and top with your choice of energy drink.

4. The Aurora Borealis

For a drink that is reminiscent of the Northern Lights, this pink, citrus-sweet take on the gin and tonic is sure to please. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes. Pour in two ounces of gin, four ounces of tonic water and pink lemonade to the top. Stir and add a lemon wedge for extra flair.

5. Mind Eraser

Not all glowing cocktails are fruity or fluorescent colored. To make this tall sipper, pour two ounces each of vodka, Kahlua and tonic water into an old-fashioned or rocks glass, with ice. This tasty, coffee-colored beverage gives off a gorgeously subtle radiance.