You might have observed some people drinking a unique beverage in the gleaming mug of copper. Probably, you are interested to know what it is and whether you should give it a try or not? Well, this is the Moscow Mule, and it is worth enjoying.

The concept of Moscow Mule arrived somewhere in the 1940s and right from that ancient era; people are in love with the unique flavors of Moscow Mule. The great news is that some talented people added many modifications to this amazing version of vodka. It is now possible to find a variety of Moscow Mule recipes, and each one of them has something delicious wrapped inside. Below we have listed five best Moscow Mule recipes that you should try with your friends:

Classic Moscow Mule

This beverage comes with a full proof recipe that is prepared with a fantastic combination of lime juice, ginger beer, vodka, and ice into a signature copper mug. To make it look catchy and attractive, people love to garnish Classic Moscow Mule with mint and lime wedge. This beverage appeals to every vodka lover when served in copper mugs.

Grapefruit Rosemary Mule

You might be aware of the fact that grapefruit serve human beings with a variety of health benefits. People love to consume them to boost the power of the immune system as well as to reduce a few pounds from their waistline. So, why not add this natural blessing to your beverage and turn it into a healthy drink? The idea is to mix grapefruit juice, vodka, cold ginger beer, and fresh lime juice into a copper mug. You can add a special twist to the taste with a sprig of rosemary.

Lavender Moscow Mule

When you are looking for some unique and delicious flavors of cocktails to enjoy on weekend get-togethers, we advise you to add a few drops of lavender to your Moscow Mule. It leads to an amazing essence and aroma to please your senses. You might have heard that lavender is commonly used for making soaps and candles, but the great news is that many chefs consider it a special ingredient to seasonal recipes as well. Lavender Moscow Mule is one of the best beverages to try in the parties.

Ginger Beet Moscow Mule

Even if you are a non-beet beverage lover, somewhere in your heart, you will definitely accept the fact that beet is the secret to best Moscow Mule. To prepare the best beverage for your guests during special get-togethers, prefer to mix cilantro and fresh ginger in a shaker. Add some lime juice, beet juice, and tequila to this mixture. Put some ice cubes into the copper mug and fill it with the iconic mixture.

Italian Mule

In case if you are looking for a Moscow Mule with an Italian touch, it is better to add a small quantity of limoncello liquor into your beverage. This mixture taste must better than the simple lemon flavor. People find it a light and refreshing choice in the summer season.