We all have that one friend. The one who is impossible to shop for because they already have everything. The latest trend in boots? Have it. Newest technology for their iPhone? Check. All the bangles they can fit on their forearm? Yep. Got it. And while that’s all well and good for them, it certainly makes things difficult for the friend who prides themselves on their gift-giving abilities. There are, however, a few standbys that even the girl who has everything will appreciate, and we’re listing them out below.

1. Personalized Beer Growler

Give them the gift that keeps on giving and personalize a beer growler. The engraving options are up to you — their name, an inside joke, funny beer pun, whatever. From there, choose from the selected beer options and voila: a gift they’re guaranteed not to already have. Maybe beer’s not their style? Not a problem. Personalize a wine bottle instead.

2. Gone With the Gin

A book about alcohol with a Hollywood twist, this makes for an interesting read as well as a good coffee table book, and one that they likely won’t already have in their collection. Throw in a special bottle or a night dedicated to trying out the different concoctions and you have yourself a unique gift they’re sure to love.

3. Barware

Though they may appear to have everything, chances are there’s something your friend’s bar is lacking. For example: perhaps they have regular drink shaker (also known as a cobbler shaker), but do they have a Boston shaker? They’ll need both to have a properly stocked bar. Or maybe they’re short a citrus juicer or Champagne stopper. Throw a couple of those in too and create a custom bar kit.

Stick to this list and you’re sure to find something memorable for even the trickiest-to-shop-for friend.

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