A Bite in the Night

"The blood is the life."

As Halloween comes around we start to think of ways to make our cocktails a little abnormal, from the smoke and sparks of mad scientist to the darkness of a drink so black you can get lost the moment it touches your lips.

A Bite in the Night is one of those cocktails. It is not what it seems. Inspired by one of the originals of darkness - be careful if you let your guard down - enchanting as this cocktails seems, it may just bite!

A Bite in the Night

1 oz coconut milk, unsweetened

0.5 oz sweet spice & chili infused Grand Ten Distilling Amandine

0.5 oz Cointreau

0.5 oz clarified orange juice

1oz Bacardi 8

- shake all ingredients and strain over fresh/garnish ice cubes.

Garnish: edible white blossom, red currants, white chocolate "teeth" (ice cubes)