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Baking a soufflé may sound like a lofty goal: the puffy French dish is notoriously fussy, known to collapse if you look at it the wrong way. But if you’ve ever made a dish with whipped egg whites, you can master a soufflé (our video recipe shows you how easy it is to ace), and it’s a stunning way to enjoy the flavor of your favorite liqueur.

Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton, the talented duo behind Canal House, whisk in Grand Marnier, a liqueur that’s perfect for winter when we could all use an uplifting burst of orange. But, hey, why not get creative? Amaretto, Kahlúa, Chambord—let your liquor cabinet be your guide and put those dusty bottles to good use.

Whichever flavor you choose, you’ll need to start out with the soufflé base. Start by mixing sugar, flour, and milk in a pot over low heat until thick. “The funny thing is, in a way you’re making a bechamel...a sweet bechamel,” says Hirscheimer. This recipe also includes orange zest in this step to complement the Grand Marnier.


Then add egg yolks, one at a time, and butter, to give this airy dessert its body. (This part can be done up to a day in advance, so if you’re entertaining, you’re not glued to the kitchen preparing a time-sensitive dessert.)

Then beat the whites into fluffy peaks. It’s crucial to whip them well to develop the proteins that keep the soufflé from flopping. The air in the meringue also aromatizes the liqueur and zest making it wonderfully fragrant once baked. Check out the video to make sure you've got it just right!


Then, it’s just a matter of gently folding the whites with the base. AJcnWVjnGLXkAguSq2mx7SQ6SRCpu7AbdrwfuCA15YTnY2P8-DvJ0C5bb1b4spNLCmTofBNBppKc9jUL1xI-_AuLjRQu6vLrnDHh_SYZGrWg0Stg3LJ7Lp5RZAw878vzjvoXZ4Cr

Pour the batter into a pre-assembled dish fitted with a parchment collar so it can rise to its puffy potential. When you pull your soufflé from the oven, “the tah-dah factor is huge,” says Hamilton. The golden crust is just a delicate layer surrounding the tender, melt-in-your-mouth custard cloud inside.

CFCZvkchiUtETwWzwPVWwT6_ai9bpM1MH7snDzBdYfpHCYE1zvC_bk06_TmF9Pt_WA6-XCZyc9s8THivZEjgJRAbFO7E3bJb6HTtQFIcz6ZCEdewmesiayTmCKxMKt_8ZylMpoSv Unwrap the parchment and serve it immediately, when this magical dessert is at its height! But don’t worry, the 5-second rule does not apply here. Even after it inevitably deflates as it cools, it will taste incredible. Depending on which liqueur you use, you can also match this dessert with one of our cocktails. (Talk about a food and drink pairing!)

Well, this boozy dessert isn’t going to bake itself—it's time to get cooking! Here’s the link for the full recipe video and ingredients.