With Thanksgiving right behind us and with Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year's Eve basically being tomorrow, it's that time of year where excessive gift buying for those few special people occurs; and the best part is, after buying said gifts, you give them to the people that you got them for, since that's the whole point... and yes, this includes those gifts that you buy for yourself by yourself that you get to keep for yourself; you know what I'm discussing here. While I'm not here to provide you with some basic gift guide that entails "get a bottle of rosé for Karen to give to the manager since she's probably talking to him anyway" or "get this basic wine colored pair shoes for your favorite wine lover," I can say that I'm here to provide you with a truly meaningful gift guide that's comprised of chill, unique gifts that not only conscious of your bank account (even when you swear you have a mere $3.63 to your name), but will also show put a big ol' smile on your friend's faces.

For your fellow wine lovers

Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG


Photo courtesy of 5W

With an ABV of 11.5% and available for purchase online, Santa Margherita's Prosecco Superiore DOCG is a sparkling wine with tasting notes of rennet apples and peach blossom.

Santa Margherita Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG


Photo courtesy of 5W

With an ABV of 13.5% and also available for purchase online, Santa Margherita's Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG has fresh acidity and tasting notes of cherries and plums with an earthy finish.

WINC's Tasting Kit


Photo courtesy of Winc

Known for their 'Summer Water' rosé, Winc has blessed us all with their new a Wine Tasting 101 Kit. The kit retails for $99 and comes with six bottles of wine, six bags, and 11 informational cards to help learn about the bottles that are in the kit.

WINC Gift Card


Photo courtesy of Winc

While Winc has an abundance of wines to choose from (and you might be tempted to buy all of them simultaneously… no shame), there’s an extremely high chance that your bank account will hate you for it; and that’s where Winc’s Gift Card comes into play. Starting at $60 and going up to $600 (other gift card amounts include $100, $150, $200, $250, $300, $350, $400, $450, $500, and $550), you can add any amount that you’d please and write a personalized gift note while you’re at it. It’s worth noting that gift card recipients don’t have to opt into Winc’s monthly subscription upon receiving a gift card, which makes the actual card itself the perfect gift for those that swear by wine but don’t like being tied down by subscription commitments.

Wine Gift Sets


Pictured: 'Classic Reds Trio.' Photo courtesy of 5W

Do you have problems deciding between which bottle(s) of wine that you should get as a gift either for yourself or for those special people in your life? Are you tired of being limited in terms of your options? Have you ever wondered why good things rarely come in boxes? Well… that no longer has to be the case because there are things called wine sets where three bottles come together in a singular box for one flat price. Score. Before getting further into detail, it’s worth mentioning that all of the gift sets below are available are available at MacysWineCellar.com, WSJwine.com, and LaithwaitesWine.com.

Pictured above is the one and only Classic Reds Trio. Retailing for $49.99, you get a set that includes a gold-medal Bordeaux, a classic California Cabernet, and a 94-point, gold-medal Super Tuscan. Nobody says that you have to share…. But if I were you, I’d make sure to keep the Super Tuscan all for yourself.

Next up is the Luxury Reds Trio. For $69.99, this elegant set includes a silky Saint-Emilion from the acclaimed village of Montagne, glory-vintage California Cabernet, and a barrel-aged Private Reserve from Portugal's famed Douro Valley. This set in particular would be great for that special someone that you’ve been dying to impress for the longest time but never knew how to crack the code… FYI, wine is almost always the answer.

Following the above set is the Luxury Mixed Trio which retails for $59.99. In this set is a 91-point Bordeaux, a single-vineyard Sauvignon Blanc and a sumptuous, black label Italian blockbuster. This set is absolutely amazing for those that struggle with the red vs white debate on a daily basis like myself since you get both in one set straight to your doorstep.

And the last set up on this list is the Film Legend Gift Collection. At a price-point of $49.99, this set includes accompanying White Christmas, Alfred Hitchcock and Sunset Boulevard. Not that you have to wait to watch those films in particular to drink the bottles of wine, but if that’s what you want to do, then you do you.

For your fellow beer, stout, cider, and ale lovers

Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale


Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale

With an ABV of 7%, Breckenridge Brewery has released their famed holiday beer this November, and it’s aptly known as their Christmas Ale. While the ale has flavors of caramel and chocolate, it’s also a toasty and malt forward ale, making it the perfect beer to consume the very second you get back in the door after freezing your butt off.

Elysian Brewing’s Bifrost Winter Ale


Photo courtesy of Elysian Brewing’s Bifrost Winter Ale

With an ABV of 8.3% and available until the end of December, Elysian Brewing’s Bifrost Winter Ale is a medium-bodied pale ale that only comes to visit us during the winter and has aromas of citrus, spice, and caramel apples. The great thing about Elysian Brewing’s Bifrost Winter Ale is that it’s available in 22-ounce bottles in addition to being available in six-packs… not that size matters or anything, but the more the merrier.

Wicked Weed Milk & Cookies Imperial Milk Stout

876ae6c662c7fc9932de806f80ef167a40bd4f3b.jpgPhoto courtesy of Wicked Weed

Clocking in with an ABV of 8.5%, Milk & Cookies Stout has notes of cold milk, vanilla, and oatmeal that is supposed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside; kind of like how the holidays are supposed to make us feel, but not really because adulthood sucks.

Goose Island Beer Co.’s Bourbon County Brand Stout


Photo courtesy of Goose Island Beer Co.

Take it back to the year known as 1992 when Goose Island once brewed their beer in a bourbon-aged barrel. On a yearly basis, Goose Island re-releases their original beer and introduces a new variant of their beer, with people going out in the cold to wait for its release to the world. On the contrary, Goose Island is available online at Drizly and at local liquor stores nationwide.

Cider in Love


Photo courtesy of Cider in Love

While you might not be in love with a human being this holiday season, you might be in love with cider, thanks to Cider in Love. The low down is that cider is an alleged alternative for the ever so classic champagne option that's usually presented during the holidays; and the best part is that you could sip on cider all day long and not get a horrible hangover. What's great about Cider in Love is that they have these holiday trio sets that are available for purchase online, which means that while most people are overpaying for a singular bottle of booze, not only are you coming in clutch with multiple bottles, you're also not ripping your bank account into pieces..

Must try bottles for when booze shops are too intimidating

Four Pillars' Bloody Shiraz

Retailing for $45 and produced by Australian gin company known as Four Pillars Gin, this Bloody Shiraz is a gin and wine hybrid, as for the Shiraz grapes used are steeped for eight weeks in Rare Dry Gin, thus resulting in a gin that’s naturally sweet, colored, and flavorful. With said Shiraz, there’s a burst of botanics that comes in clutch with the typical richness and sweetness from the Shiraz fruit.

Wölffer Estate's Gin


Photo courtesy of Wölffer Estate

Utilizing their own rosé as the base for their gin, Wölffer Estate's "Pink Gin" has a nice pink color to it, which makes it aesthetically pleasing to stare at. A standard 750ml bottle retails for $50 and the gin itself has an ABV of 40% with botanical and Juniper notes. To help enhance the rosé base, Wölffer adds in Juniper berries that they grow themselves in addition to using botanicals Anise, Fennel, Coriander, Cumin, and Cardamom

Dorothy Parker American Gin, New York Distilling Company

Clocking in with an ABV of 44% and with a suggested retail price of $29.99, Dorothy Parker American Gin from New York Distilling Company consists of a blend of traditional and contemporary botanicals including juniper and elderberries, citrus, cinnamon, and hibiscus.

Belvedere Rye Whiskey


Photo courtesy of Belvedere

Recently, Belvedere released their Single Estate Rye Series. Soon to be available for purchase via Clos19, there are two new bottles to be on the lookout for aka Smogóry Forest and Lake Bartężek. They’re both retailing for $45 each and both are very complex bottles. Further information can be found right here.

Ketel One


Photo courtesy of Jade Nina Sarkhel

In the land of vodka, nothing shouts different than a bottle of flavored vodka; Ketel One Oranje is no exception to that. With such a bottle, you’ll be able to gift someone the ability to make a cocktail that’s different just like them. What I mean by this is to buy that one person in your life that likes orange things this bottle and then spend some time with them making the following Orange Espresso Martini:

Ingredients include:

50ml of Ketel One Oranje
25ml of Mr Black Spirits: Cold Press Coffee Liqueur
35ml of Cold-brew coffee concentrate
One dash of orange bitters

How to assemble everything:

Method: Shake and strain
Glass: Chilled coupe
Garnish with: Three coffee beans or a lemon twist


Retailing for $43 per bottle, Blackened Whiskey is a collaboration between Metallica and Dave Pickerell. What makes Blackened special is their patent-pending process known as BLACK NOISE™, that uses Metallica’s own music to shape the flavor of this unconventional American whiskey.



Photo courtesy of Jade Nina Sarkhel

With a price of, Bulleit's bourbon makes the perfect gift for that one bourbon fan that's in your life. Clocking in with an ABV of 45%, Bulleit's best used in their 'Hot Toddy,' which is a slow sip drink that's finished with demerara sugar and lemon, delicately rounding off the intricate flavours of this deliciously warming, moorish, drink.

Mr. Black

cf85a5df8b4c4d3a14155cbee834255652b6841b.jpgPhoto courtesy of Mr. Black

If you’re anything like me, you swear that you need coffee in the morning. However, some coffee brands just don’t cut it, which results in you being even groggier than you initially were. This no longer has to be the case thanks to Mr. Black’s Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. With an ABV of 25% and a suggested retail price of $40, Mr. Black is a coffee liqueur that’s made with cold brew, top-grade Arabica coffees, and Australian wheat vodka.

El Silencio

With a suggested retail price of $40 and produced in Oaxaca, Mexico, El Silencio’s Espadín Mezcal is a smooth, full-bodied mezcal that possesses notes of roasted figs and charred fruit stone. While crafted to round out the perfect cocktail, it’s also perfectly fine served neat or as a shot.

Mister Katz's Rock and Rye, New York Distilling Company

Mister Katz's Rock & Rye ($30) is the brainchild of New York Distilling Company's rye whiskey and rock candy sugar. Tasting notes include sour cherries, cinnamon, and a wisp of citrus.

Knappogue Castle 12-Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Castle Brands

With a suggested retail price of $42, Knappogue Castle's whiskey is aged for 12 years in American oak casks that were once used for bourbon. The whiskey itself has an ABV of 40% and has a citrus taste to it while having a bright, light lemon-orange color to it.

Arran 10 Year Old Single Malt, Isle of Arran Distillers


With an ABV of 46% and retailing for $60 per bottle, Arran Malt is a Scotch that's aged 10 years and has vanilla and citrus notes to it.

Tequila Enemigo

7e5b58968517d099d4f34621750371cd284f193c.pngPhoto courtesy of Tequila Enemigo

While tequila has never been on my side, I can now say that it is indeed on my side, thanks to Tequila Enemigo. Being a London based tequila brand that launched here in New York, Tequila Enemigo provides us all with their 5x Double Gold award winning tequila. With two different bottles in their line known as 'Enemigo 89 Añejo-Cristalino' (~$75; one of 34 Añejo-Cristalinos worldwide) and their 'Enemigo 00 Extra-Añejo (~$165), both bottles have an ABV of 40% and are available online for purchase.

FuckJerry's JAJA Tequila

d3a340449c81dc778a4f509190e9d801c47cfda1.jpegPhoto courtesy of JAJA

If you are a somewhat functional person on this planet, then there's a 99.99% chance that you've heard of the one and only FuckJerry. In case you're wondering, he has launched his own tequila line known as JAJA, which is a small batch tequila that brings laughter to us all. JAJA is triple distilled, made in Jalisco, México out of 100% Pure Blue Weber Agave, is sweet and herbal, and inspired by the lightness of free-spirited days and intimate nights.

JAJA is available in two varieties which both have an ABV of 40% and are known as Blanco and Reposado. JAJA's Blanco starts at $34, has notes of black pepper and citrus fruit, and its sole ingredient is Pure Agave Azul. On the other hand, JAJA's Resposado starts at $42.99, aged for six month sin fine oak barrels, and has notes of anilla, oak, honey, and caramel.

In order to purchase any bottles, JAJA is available at select retailers nationwide and online through Drizly.com and TotalWine.com.

Don Julio

Last up in this short tequila list is good ol’ Don Julio. My go-to bottle from them is their ‘Reposado,’ as for it has a smooth texture to it and has yet to turn its back on me. While it’s great for that one person in your life that can’t have enough tequila in their life, it’s also great for that one person that makes drinks for everyone left and right and is getting bored with themselves. On that note, the best gift that you could give would be a bottle of said Don Julio Reposado and some time to make the following cocktails with the lucky recipient of this bottle.

Don Julio Clementine Margarita


Photo courtesy of Jade Nina Sarkhel

Ingredients include:
50ml of Don Julio Reposado tequila
12.5ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
12.5ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice
12.5ml of pink grapefruit juice
2 large bar spoons of homemade clementine marmalade

How to assemble everything:
Method: Shake and strain
Glass: Chilled Garnish with:
A dehydrated clementine slice

Don Julio Fig and Vanilla Margarita


Photo courtesy of Jade Nina Sarkhel

Ingredients include:
40ml of Don Julio Reposado tequila
30ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
20ml of lime juice
15ml of fig and vanilla syrup
1-star anise (muddled)

How to assemble everything:
Method: Shake and strain
Glass: Chilled
Garnish with: A star anise

Booze based gifts for when time's running out to get gifts for people



Photo courtesy of Clos19

Given that one of the most popular things to do for the holidays is to go to New York, there’s a high chance that you’re going to make a pit stop at Grand Central Terminal. Because all of the holidays basically bleed into one another, there’ll also be a high chance that you’ll be drinking. However, there’s no need to drink ordinary bottles when you can get them engraved at Clos19’s engraving station right in the middle of Grand Central. From now until December 12th, bottles of Hennessy X.O will be engraved, followed by engraving of the infamous Veuve Clicquot Arrow from December 13th to December 22nd, and with Moët & Chandon closing off the popup from December 23nd to January 1st, 2019 with engraving of text/handwritten messages on their bottles. Further details can be found via www.clos19.com/grandcentral.

Dollar Cocktail Club


Photo courtesy of Dollar Cocktail Club

While I’m no club goer, the one club that I highly enjoy is Dollar Cocktail Club. What they do is bless the world with cocktail kits that are available for purchase a la carte for $15 or via monthly or bi-monthly subscription for $12 per delivery. With them, each drink that you get to make yourself comes out to roughly a dollar, hence the name of the club.


b9de4edb9e643415eb25c25b9441b04f1076e106.jpgPhoto courtesy of Saucey

Allow me to be cliche for a second and say ‘baby, it’s too damn cold outside.’ If you’re anything like me and are looking forward to drinking during the holidays, the ideology of leaving your bed to endure the cold weather for the sake of booze is utterly baffling. While some of you may know of popular booze delivery services such as Drizly, they now have some competition known as Saucey.

Saucey is an alcohol delivery app that will have your order delivered to you in 30 minutes or less with no delivery fees. This is great since it saves you from leaving your warm, comfortable bed. A cool thing that they’re doing for the holidays is offering gift cards that you can either gift to a fellow human being or keep for yourself… no shame.

The nice thing about Saucey is that they deliver all kinds of wine and spirits in addition to suggesting pairings with each spirit that you’re viewing (and then buying…. hopefully). Saucey also has snacks and mixers available for ordering, which is great in case you’ve successfully managed to run out of that one ingredient that’s needed for your go-to drink. Additionally, Saucey offers cocktail kits and has super ‘Book-a-Bartender capabilities.’ You’re welcome.


For those of you that are vodka drinkers out there, you’ve probably heard of Tito’s. Besides giving that special someone a bottle of Tito’s for the holidays, you’re now also capable of gifting them corresponding Tito’s merch. Better yet; there’s even Tito’s merch for the four-legged furry drinking buddies in your life. By gifting Tito’s merch this holiday season, not only will you be putting a smile on everyone’s face, but all 100% of of net proceeds will be donated to Tito’s nonprofit partners including: The James Beard Foundation, American Farmland Trust, Share our Strength, Hire Heroes and Emancipet. Score.

Holiday Sweaters


Photo courtesy of Tito's

Given that it’s winter, you’re going to be cold. The nice thing about Tito’s is that they have an LTO Holiday Sweater ($45) for human beings to stay warm in, and a matching sweater for your pet ($25). However, this doesn’t mean that you should let your pet drink Tito’s… or run off with a bottle of it.

Additional Dog Swag


Photo courtesy of Tito's

If you haven’t heard, Tito’s dubs themselves as ‘Vodka for Dog People,’ meaning that they like dogs…. a lot. Given that your dog is a crucial part of your life, gift them a dog leash ($15), a dog toy ($10), a dog bowl ($15), and/or the exact same dog sweater that I just mentioned above.

Bartending Gear


Photo courtesy of Tito's

In most friend groups, there’s usually that one person that’s an aspiring bartender… and then there’s also that one person that’s a die-hard vodka lover. In this case, asides from gifting your favorite vodka lover with Tito’s Vodka, Tito’s has an infusion jar dispenser ($29.50) that’s to be paired with one of their infusion recipes like the Tito’s Blood Orangecello, Dried Fruit Infusion or Granny Smith Apple & Cranberry Infusion. To accompany said drinks, Tito’s has copper mugs ($18), flasks ($25), a party pack ($30), a home bar kit ($50) and more.

For the Professional Tailgater


Photo courtesy of Tito's

It may be winter, but it’s also football season. Tito’s has a ($150) copper cooler, ($32) chairs & toasty accessories so that you don’t freeze your butt off as you’re outdoors.

For the Golf Lover


Photo courtesy of Tito's

Do you play golf, know someone that does, or want to look like you try to play golf? Well, Tito’s has golf apparel ($30), a tee time kit ($12) and clubhouse bag ($200) for those who live their best lives out on the putting green.

For the Music Lover


Photo courtesy of Tito's

We all are or know that one person that swears that they can’t be without music; and that’s perfectly fine. On this note, Tito’s has a ‘LTO Tito’s Guitar’ ($250) is signed by Tito himself and is a bunch of fun for anyone to play.


Corkcicle is an innovative brand that consists of barware, coolers, and drinkware that were all designed with how to keep things (specifically wine; their OG product is the Corkcicle Air, which is an in bottle wine chiller) cool without needing to physically chill it via a chiller. All of their products are reusable (score), and some of my favorites are below:

Stemless Flutes


Photo courtesy of Corkcicle

With Corkcicle's 'Classic Stemless Flutes' retailing for $18.95 each and their 'Unicorn Magic Stemless' flutes retailing for $19.95 each, you can now drink your glass of champagne that you swear that you need at 10 am on a Monday morning without your coworkers noticing.

Stemless Wine Glasses


Similar to the stemless flute glasses that are mentioned above, Corkcicle's 'Stemless Wine Glasses' that retail for $22.95 for their 'Classic' glasses and $24.95 for their 'Metallic' and 'Unicorn' lines, all of these stemless glasses exist not only to keep your wine chilled, but they also exist to prevent spillages, making it the perfect gift for those clumsy people that are in your life.

Whiskey Wedge


Photo courtesy of Corkcicle

Retailing for $17.95, Corkcicle's Whiskey Wedge is a glass that is of freezer strength and allots space for a crisp ice cube to remain in the glass as you're having your drink on the rocks... or in this case, on the rock.

Cigar Glass


Photo courtesy of Corkcicle

This 'Cigar Glass' which retails for $24.95 does double duty, as for it's not only a drink holder, but it's also a cigar holder. While it's technically a whiskey glass, it's also perfect for that one person in your life that drinks and smokes.

Corkcicle Shaker


Photo courtesy of Corkcicle

Retailing for $34.95, Corkcicle's Shaker is a staple for those bartenders/aspiring bartenders that are in your life. What differentiates Corkcicle's Shaker from the other shakers out there would be the fact that there's a built in strainer, which is helpful in the sense that most drinks require one to 'shake and stain' things....

Mulholland Distilling


Photo courtesy of Mulholland Distilling

For the holiday season, Mulholland Distilling has teamed up with Valerie Confections to create boozy chocolate truffles. The truffles come in two different gift sets, with the first set being the one and only 'Mulholland Gin and Whiskey Truffle Box,' which is a nine piece box that retails for $25 and is a mix of both gin and whiskey truffles. Then there's also the 'Mulholland Gift Set' for $75 and includes the Mulholland Gin and Whiskey Truffle Box, a bottle of Mulholland American Whiskey and Valerie’s signature Almond Toffee Bar.

The perfect add-ons for everyone

Custom gifts via Nation Photos Lab


Photo courtesy of 5W

Do you know someone that just can't stop staring at bottles of their favorite wine or spirit brand? Do you wish this person would stop doing that and actually spend some time with you to drink the bottles that they're looking at IRL? If so, this is where Nation Photos Lab comes into play. Not only can said person continue to stare at their favorite bottles while drinking them with you via a custom card (which only costs 57 cents per card printed by the way), but you can also customize ornaments, blankets, mugs, and stockings with pictures of said bottles that are currently being stared at; go figure.

Fun Luge


Photo courtesy of RVD Communications

If you’re anything like me, you simply suck at decorating for the holidays. It’s just such a burden when you have to get up and do things when you’d rather be drinking a few vodka sodas. Thanks to Fun Luge’s selection of 50 different designs there is a Fun Luge for every occasion, from holiday parties and New Year’s Eve. In short, it’s an ice luge that measures 24” high, 15” wide and 15” deep, and costs $220 that comes packaged in an insulated box weighing approximately 30 lbs. While it may just seem like ice, it’s also an amazing booze chiller with the ability to last between four to six hours. Go ahead; chill that bottle of gin that you’re just dying to try.

Said luge comes with the luge itself, two gloves, and a singular battery-powered LED light. Fun Luge can be purchased online at www.funluge.com, and luges are available for pickup at Okamoto Studios in Long Island City or have it delivered anywhere within the 5 boroughs for a fee of $100.



Photo courtesy of maman

As I’ve mentioned earlier on in this article, there’s a super high chance that you’re going to be in New York for the holidays. While you may or may not make a stop at maman for a few quick bites, you might be in need of picking up a super last minute gift for the dinner table back home to serve as interim acting munchies for that one person that’s been drinking all day. Maman’s gift to us all is their cookie set, which will and should accompany any of the wine gifts that I’ve already mentioned. The collab between maman and APOTHEKE is a ‘Vanilla Oatmeal Raisin Candle & Cookie Gift Set’ that retails for $60 and comes with six cookies and a custom vanilla scented candle… yummmm.

Sweet Laurel


Photo courtesy of Sweet Laurel

Just in case you’re wondering, Sweet Laurel is a grain, dairy, and refined sugar free baking company that just launched a $55 cake kit that includes vanilla extract that just so happens to be made with tequila… which is a first since most vanilla extracts are made with vodka. Sweet Laurel also has a $28 cookbook for that one person that just loves baking after drinking two bottles of wine solo. On a final note, Sweet Laurel also has a bunch of paleo power brownies for $55 to go along with that super hip bottle of cider that you’re giving to that special someone… or getting for yourself. You. You’re that special person.



Photo courtesy of McConnell's

McConnell’s is an ice cream company that utilizes Central Coast grass-grazed milk and cream via only the best local, sustainable, and organic partner farms. For the holidays, McConnell’s is releasing their McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams Reindeer Tracks ($12/pint) which consists of a decadent chocolate ice cream that’s spiked with peppermint candy with and cream-filled chewy chocolate cookies. Additionally, McConnell’s has their Pint of the Month Club ($144 - $528) which provides members with the first taste of seasonal and limited-edition flavors before they release to the public.

While you might be wondering why in the world I'd mention ice cream on a booze website, I've mentioned it since you can give the gift of ice cream to the kids at the dinner table while you're sipping on some dessert wine... because that's a thing.

Tipsy Scoop

Long story short, Tipsy Scoop is a boozy ice cream shop that's based in New York and ships via Goldbelly. For the holidays, they have an array of boozy ice cream flavors ranging from 'Holiday Spiced Eggnog' to 'Boozy Bananas Foster' with my personal favorite being their 'Candy Cane Vodka Martini.'

Birch Coffee

Once the holidays are over, do you want to know what you’ll be? Tired… very tired. With the help of Birch Coffee and the addition of water, you’re able to give a gift set that can be spiked with your favorite booze in it to whomever you want… or to yourself, because self-care is a thing. Kits range in price from $27 to $87, with their French Press Kit (French Press Brewer and French Press Ground Coffee) costing $27, their Chemex Kit (Chemex Brewer, Filters, Chemex Ground Coffee) costing $57, and their Pourover Kit (Pourover Decanter, Two boxes of filters, Pourover Ground Coffee) costing $87.00.



Photo courtesy of MatchaBar

Picture this; it’s the morning of Christmas, and you need some caffeine in order to feel somewhat functional. With the help of MatchaBar’s Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder (which is priced at $21.99 for 30g and is now available on Amazon), give yourself the gift of caffeine this holiday season, since picking up your wine glass just to put it down is a sh*t ton of work. The best part is, when it comes to your doorstep, all you have to do besides take it out of the box is whisk it with hot water and add in your favorite spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger. Besides, with the help of said matcha, not only can you maintain your focus better, but you won’t be jittery.

Daily Harvest


Photo courtesy of Daily Harvest

While known for their smoothies, Daily Harvest now has their own Holiday Cookies to make while you’re drunk off of wine (because being wine drunk isn’t a thing… apparently). There are three flavors to select from including Chocolate Chia, Coconut Lemon, and Cacao Nib, and each box of cookies retails for $48 for 12 cookies. The best part is that you can either pop them onto a baking sheet and into the oven OR eat the cookie dough raw straight from the freezer.



Photo courtesy of Sfoglini

When making dinner during the holidays, you’ll probably have a drink or a glass of wine in your hands… unless you’re anything like me and double fist. Given that you’re going to need to eat to help avoid a hangover, I highly recommend utilizing the newest pasta from Sfoglini.

The new gift box for the holidays ($18.99) showcases Sfoglini’s new long cut Spaghetti, Bucatini, and Fettucine. The ‘Spaghetti’ is best with a light sauce and chunky ingredients while for the ‘Bucatini,’ you’re better off throwing it in with a squash and sage sauce and some thick cut veggies. On the other hand for the ‘Fettucine,’ it’s flat and perfect for a meaty ragu.



For the holidays this year, it’s always important to be KIND in some way or another. On that note, give some KIND Minis to your kids (if you have any) just so you have a few extra minutes to sip on your drink at the dinner table this year. However, please keep in mind that said KIND Minis are 100-calories each and come in two new flavors that are known as Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Nut and Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut.