The winter wonderland theme continues with an extra special toasty treat and a bit of “burl-esque”. To combat the chilly weather and raise the spirits I present the long awaited Stickman No. 30 Puzzle Box, the “Burl Tile Box”, with a warming and decadent scotch cocktail, the “Burl Ives”. The Burl Ives is a modern holiday classic with blended scotch created by the talented team behind Tuxedo No. 2, a cocktail collection. Evoking the Bobby Burns (that bonnie beverage of scotch and vermouth), the Burl Ives adds crème de cacao, a rich and indulgent chocolate liqueur. History traces chocolate liqueur in some form back to as early as the mid to late 16oo’s. Here I am using Tempis Fugit’s brilliant offering, which is crafted from 19th century French and English recipes. One unique feature of this luscious liqueur is how the cacao is sourced from Venezuela and the vanilla from Mexico, as in the old recipes. It’s sweet and rich and nuanced in cocktails. In other words, crème de cacao brings the party. In the Burl Ives it creates a wonderful wintry nightcap to savor by the fire, while fiddling, flailing, or finessing this fine puzzle box. But be careful; have too many, and you may be dancing burl-esque. Cheers!


The Burl Ives by Tuxedo No. 2

2 oz blended scotch

½ oz sweet vermouth

½ oz creme de cacao

4 dashes angostura bitters

orange peel for garnish

Stir ingredients together over ice and strain into a favorite glass. Garnish with expressed orange peel and enjoy while humming “Silver Bells”.


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