Bloody Mary has been named the world's most complex cocktail, but Russians do not traditionally mix vodka in a cocktail. Bloody Mamont is the perfect combination of the traditional Russian "zakuski", (little salty finger food, such as pickled vegetables) which is enjoyed between straight vodka shots.



+ 1.5 oz Mamont Vodka

+ 2 tsp pickle juice

+ 3 oz fresh tomato juice

+ 2 tsp horseradish juice

+ black pepper

+ sea salt

Stir tomato juice, horseradish, black pepper and sea salt together and pour ingredients into the first shot glass. (Garnish with cherry tomatoes.)

Rinse the second shot glass with pickle juice and gently pour Mamont Vodka into that glass. (Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.)

First drink the shot of Mamont Vodka with pickle juice, then drink the show with the tomato juice.

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