Did your ears perk up when you first heard about Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar last year? And then were you instantly crushed to find out it was only available in Europe? Me too, mon ami! Well, fret no more because our boozy prayers have been answered. The Aldi Festive Collection Wine Advent Calendar has been released in the states to the delight of festive wino’s everywhere. Although I barely got my hands on this little box of alcoholic cheer, I’m about to break down what all the fuss is about.


In full disclosure, I’m starting this review off with a warning. These babies are going to be hard to find. I naively arrived at my local Aldi on Wednesday, the day of the calendar’s release, thinking I’d have a leisurely shopping excursion while picking up the product. What I found was a mass of shoppers with a bloodthirst for calendars. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty. After elbowing my way to the display, I managed to grab one of the last boxes and then proceeded to run through the aisles to checkout like Smigel with his precious ring. And let me tell you, I am not one to throw down over a box of mini wine bottles. But I knew you, my lovely readers, had been asking for a review and, come hell or high water, a review you shall have!


After throwing the Aldi Wine Advent Calendar in the back seat, I sped home, frequently checking the rear-view mirror for the inevitable booze-deprived mob that would follow me home. Once safely in my house, behind locked door, I placed the box on my dining table and quietly stared at it like an expert about to diffuse a bomb. In all honesty, my first observation was that the box is suspiciously small. 24 bottles, Aldi?! Really?! I’ll be the judge of that! Skeptically, I took in the box design. Compact, little openings for each day, perfectly festive for the holiday season. Alright, I’m still interested. Time to rip open this cookie!


Like Santa’s annual tour of the world, this little beauty also takes you on a joyous ride across the globe. From European vineyards to Australian varieties to the West Coast of the great U.S. of A., this calendar has it covered. Here’s the breakdown of what is inside:

  • 2 x Prosecco Extra Dry, Italy
  • 2 x Chardonnay, Australia
  • 2 x Chenin Blanc, South Africa
  • 2 x Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
  • 2 x White Zinfandel, U.S.A.
  • 2 x Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
  • 2 x Pinot Grigio, Italy
  • 2 x Malbec, Argentina
  • 2 x Shiraz, Australia
  • 2 x Red Blend, Italy
  • 2 x Merlot, Chile
  • 2 x Sauvignon Blanc, Chile


I may have cheated a bit and opened up the White Zinfandel. Perfectly rosey, light, and sweet, it was like sipping on a bit of Christmas magic. My only complaint about the Aldi Wine Advent Calendar is that each bottle is only one glass of wine. Unless you’re having a very sad holiday indeed, this baby needs to serve 2-glass bottles of wine. I know this is the season for giving, but even whimsical elves can’t convince me to split a single glass of wine with my husband… there are limits to my unconditional love for him.


Overall, I would say this is a solidly fun and unique gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. Plus, who doesn’t want a different glass of wine every night leading up to Christmas? Head on over to The Frosted Petticoat for a chance to win a $70 Aldi Gift Card for a chance to get your own boozy calendar. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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