“My formula for success? Rise early, work late, strike oil.” - John Paul Getty


I created this cocktail pairing a while back and have been letting it age appropriately. It seems it is time to unplug this well. I chose a drink called the “Fool’s Gold” to accompany a little “oil well” puzzle box of mine, because oil is sometimes known as “black gold”, but the puzzle is so tricky it might just keep you from your treasure indefinitely. Fool’s Gold is a great name for a cocktail, so of course there are many versions, most a variation on the theme of a whiskey sour or a whiskey and coke. This one is far more interesting and complex, as befits this puzzle. It was created by Jen Ackrill, a mixologist from Honolulu, Hawaii. That should give you a hint of what you are in for already. She splits the base spirit between bourbon and a special rye style gin form St. George spirits, then adds a layer of bitterness with Amere Nouvelle, a modern take on a classic French bitter liqueur. Finally she sweetens things up with banana liqueur – she’s from Hawaii after all. I know what you are thinking. Indeed, the drink sound as bananas as that ingredient. But it works surprisingly well. It’s unexpected, and delicious. You’d be a fool not to try it. Cheers!


Fool’s Gold by Jen Ackrill

1 oz St. George Dry Rye Gin

1 oz Buffalo Trace bourbon

¾ oz Bittermens Amére Nouvelle

¼ oz Giffard Banane du Bresil

1 lime zest, as garnish


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