1980s Ambassador Deluxe Scotch Review

Ambassador Deluxe Scotch disappeared in the early 1980s which is where this whisky comes from (UPC, no Gov warning and no tax strip). It was resurrected in the mid 90s for a wee bit, but quickly died off once again. Scrounging around the internet I came across mentions of it as “New York’s largest selling Scotch” which would suggest it started in NY or used the name to market it as an upscale and classy drink.

I’ve also found mentions of it as “America’s fastest growing Scotch” and finally “The World’s Lightest Scotch”. I don’t have any way to refute the later and as for the former… well it seems like this is indeed a likely candidate for that title. Which we’ll get into more in-depth in the Ambassador Deluxe Scotch review below.

Ambassador Deluxe Scotch Info

Region: Scotland

Blender: Taylor & Ferguson Ltd
Mashbill: Single Malt + Grain Whisky
Cask: ex-Bourbon & ex-Sherry
Age: 25 Years
ABV: 43%

Price: NA – Auction, Specialty Store or Private Seller

Ambassador Deluxe Scotch Review

Light honey

Acetone, honey grahams, cinnamon, sugar, rootbeer spice, alcohol, stale dried fruit and a bit of caramel. It’s light and airy with no real depth.

Acetone, alcohol, butterscotch, nuts, cinnamon, honey, stale dried fruit and light smoke. Light and a bit harsh.

Medium drop of spice, nuts, honey, stale dried fruit, caramel syrup, hint of malt and smoke.

Not fully balanced, thin body and a weak chalky feel.

Ambassador Deluxe Scotch is, as the label suggests, a very light whisky. Across the senses it’s light with only a bit of chalk on the finish to mix it up, but otherwise it’s weak and watery. Even though it’s 40% it comes across like a decent blended scotch that’s been watered down. It’s not completely foul, just obscenely boring and now that I’ve had it I wouldn’t go out of my way to get another; 13 shades or meh (because 50 would be too many for this joke).

SCORE: 74/100 (C)

1980s Ambassador Deluxe Scotch Label

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