American Juice Company sent me a few samples to shake up some home bar cocktails with — and I have to say, I was super impressed with so many things about these perfect “mixers”.

American Juice Co

American Juice Company

These all-natural juice mixers truly are high-quality — you can tell the second you open the bottles. The aroma is actually remarkable, and sort of caught me off guard. The juices actually smelled like I had just juiced fresh fruit at home. This kind of thing is super important to me when it comes to cocktails, because fresh ingredients are what set craft cocktails apart from other cocktails created with out of the box/off of the shelf mixers. And let’s be honest, if I was shaking up cocktails for guests in my house, I would never want anyone to know I had used a pre-batched mixer.

American Juice Co

American Juice Company’s products will definitely make it easy for you to serve up some craft cocktails in a few quick seconds.

I really loved the Harriet Peacher Stowe juice, “Like an insecure beauty, sweet peaches need subtle compliments. Freshly picked raspberries, Tahitian vanilla and a subtle fragrance of Sevilla orange zests enhance this blend’s flavor, creating the sensation of biting into a fresh peach with every sip.”

American Juice Co

This juice knocked my socks off.

Here is the recipe I came up with; it is super simple, but the juice has enough complexity that you and your guests will think this cocktail has multiple ingredients.

Everything’s Peachy
Featuring American Juice Co.’s Harriet Peacher Stowe

American Juice Co

2 oz Tito’s Vodka
2 Dashes Bitters Lab Honey Hops Bitters
1 oz Harriet Peacher Stowe Juice

Shake over ice and serve in a chilled coupe.
Garnish with fresh thyme.

American Juice Co

The second cocktail I created used The Ginger Gershwin juice: “If not prepared well, ginger cocktails can be aggressively spicy. That’s why we made this blend, to ensure your cocktails have just a gingery kick, not a fiery bite that’ll scorch your taste buds. Oranges bring out the ginger’s sweet side, and extract from lemon verbena leaves lends a soothing taste to the mix that also helps bond the flavors together.”

American Juice Co

For this ginger cocktail, I used Pyrat Rum, which is one of my favorite rums for the price. I took a little inspiration from a classic mule, and wanted to make a cocktail that was a easy to sip, but that didn’t add more to the ginger profile and make it too spicy or hot. So, I used tonic instead of ginger beer.

The Gershwin
Featuring American Juice Co. Ginger Gershwin

American Juice Co

2 oz Pyrat Rum
2 dashes Bitters Lab Apple Ginger Bitter
1 oz American Juice Co. Ginger Gershwin Juice
4 oz Tonic Water

Serve in a large cup/mug over ice, garnish with fresh mint.

I am really looking forward to trying more of these great juices — there are currently seven different concoctions you can purchase on their website, along with some other great home bartending necessities. Or, you can find American Juice Co.’s products in your local Whole Foods!

**This blog post is in partnership with American Juice Company**