On this week’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, which features a guest appearance by our very own West Coast Office who flew in for a Whisky Bottle Share at The Barthenon, we review Eden Brut Nature Dry Heritage Cider from Eden Specialty Ciders of Newport, Vermont.

Before we get down to business, below are a few words about this beverage which were taken directly from the Eden Specialty Ciders website:

Champagne-method cider made from heirloom and bittersweet apple varieties grown in Vermont and at Poverty Lane Orchards in New Hampshire. It is naturally sparkling and clean – we hand-disgorge the yeast from every bottle! Beautifully balanced between fruit, acid, and tannin. The barely perceptible dosage serves to bring forth the fruit character of the cider. Super dry, it goes well with oysters, cheese and charcuterie.

We tried it straight…

We tried it with three different cheeses…

And we even tried it with some fresh cut apple.

Did we like it? More importantly, would we buy it?

For the answers to these questions, and to hear our thoughts about this delicious sounding beverage, click the play button…


Many thanks to Feast PR for sending us this very generous sample!