Valentines Day, in all it’s over-hyped commercialized glory, is almost upon us! If you’re a newlywed like me and tripping along like Doctor Who’s Matt Smith on a bender of No-Doze pills, it may not apply, but for others of you out there it may be the time to off-load some excess baggage!

Does your torrid affair seem like it’s ripped from the pages of an Emily Bronte novel? Give your “Cathy” or “Heathcliff” their marching orders and enjoy one of these.

My Bitter Valentine


Serves 1

"The “bitterness” of the cocktail is inspired by the luxardo cherry liquor that is made out of the maraschino cherries including the seeds. The hum liquor gives the cocktail an added floral aroma."


  1. 1.5 oz. Boyd & Blair potato vodka
  2. .75 oz. Saint Germain
  3. .50 oz. Luxardo Marashino liquor
  4. .25 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
  5. A dash of Hum Liqour
  6. 3 drops of the Boston Bitters by bittermens


  1. Shaken and served in a frozen martini glass with 3 drops of the Boston Bitters by bittermens and a dried rose petal.

By The Rye Bar, Washington D.C.

A History of Drinking http://www.ahistoryofdrinking.com/wordpress/


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