At this year’s 2nd annual Ode to the Bowl, over a dozen teams from all corners of the states and as far off as London brought their bowling skills. It was a night filled with a little friendly competition and plenty of punch bowls.

We had just flown in to New Orleans on an early morning flight from LAX, unloaded at our hotel and caught our breath, and we were out the door again. This time we were headed to Rock n’ Bowl, which was our host for the evening’s activities. At the Spare Room we’re famous for our bowling and our seasonal punches so it’s only natural that we would organize an event featuring both in The Crescent City.

On arriving, we found dozens of bottles of spirits, citrus, and fruit ready to be turned into six delicious punches. As we got to work, we sipped on beer, nibbled on duck confit “nachos” and took an occasional swig of Jameson Black while working through the afternoon humidity.

The evening began as hundreds of our fellow bartenders swarmed the venue and kicked off Tales of the Cocktail 2013 in style. The punches flowed, the shots followed, and the beer kept everyone cool. The room was filled with the sounds of Russian mafia band Debauche, which got many dancing to the sounds of their punk rock hooligan Russian street songs.

As the night wore on and bowling became more heated, two teams emerged as the finalists. Miami and Chicago duked it out to be named this year’s Ode to the Bowl winner. In the end, Team Chicago lead by Charles Joly of Aviary took home the win.

After much planning, preparation, and hard work the 2nd annual Ode to the Bowl was a major success. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of owners, Med Abrous & Marc Rose, bar manager Naomi Schimek and partner-in-crime Tony, and of course Laura Lindsay. Thanks to the Rock n’ Bowl staff as well. Not only did we showcase our bar’s claim to fame, but we brought together our global community for a kickoff party done right. Many thanks to the generosity of our sponsor Pernod Ricard; thanks for the booze, guys!

I’m looking forward to next year’s celebrations, new punches, and perhaps even a new bowling champ.

Photo credit: Tales of the Cocktail Official Facebook Event Page

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