Just two weeks ago, the Angelshare community was off to a bright start of the inaugural Angelshare season.  The community venture Industry Denver initiated with six Colorado distilleries, six Denver cocktail bars, and the creators of the Denver Passport (Imbibe Denver + Denver Off the Wagon) took shape as cocktails were in front of thirsty guests at last. In each 2-week installment of Angelshare, our six cocktail bars host a $5 cocktail created with Colorado spirits, creating renditions of cocktails from various categories. The first set of pairings introduced ancestral cocktails freshened up by Colorado’s own selection of spirits. This week, duos transition into cocktails of the Flips, Fizzes, and Nogs category.

Angelshare Menus: Flips, Fizzes, & Nogs – February 12-25

Coohills & Breckenridge Distillery Lola & Deerhammer Distilling Company Freshcraft & Feisty Spirits Star Bar & Dancing Pines Distillery Curtis Club & J&L Distilling Company Jax Denver & Downslope Distilling

Flips, Fizzes, and Nogs are each a class of their own in mixed drinks, but have similar qualities that compliment their pairing. Flips and nogs will traditionally call for eggs and sometimes even the fizz, but the fizz is better known in the sours family for its use of bitter juices. The fizz is frothy like a flip, has a lighter body than a nog, and acquires its frothiness from a shake of spirit, sugar, citrus, carbonated water. The flip, which was originally concocted of beer, rum, and sugar, was heated and frothed with a red-hot iron as early as the 1600s. Modern day, the flip is frothed with an egg and paired with a mixture of a spirit, sugar, and spice. An egg nog’s distinction from the flip is the addition of cream in early recipes, though modern variations of flips have been created with cream as well. It’s rather evident why these cocktail categories were paired, stop in soon to check out what our Angelshare collaborators have come up with – and tell us about it. #Angelshare

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