We had a great time and finding new distilleries is always fun --- While you are reading this - We could be there as well!! RTRR

Many of you know the base of Distillers who are starting, or adding, Rum to their product line is growing. Very often rum is just one (or two-three) product in an offering of what could be 20 - 30 other spirits. That's good, that means the distiller has vision, knows that a varied customer base is a good thing and, that his base will change as their palettes grow to include more, different and exciting changes. Still, one has to begin. Such is the case of this Distiller. He has a fine list of product an talent and dedication to the Distillation and is willing to share those things and a great personality too.... 
It brings us too:
Northern Latitudes Distillery

Mark01.jpg We found the distillery easily via GPS. I think we got there about 35 seconds after they opened and were immediately greeted by Mark Moseler. In the rum trade -- He 'da man. Mark is the Master Distiller and he and his wife, Mandy, own Northern Latitudes. 
The place is a cozy tasting room and full service bar using the entire list of their own products. Make sure you explore their link and drool. I know I do. They had just started up in 2012, around October. I remember being in the Traverse City area last year in early August and seeing a listing for them, but it would have been too early.The wait was worth it.
I like the idea of having a bar as well as simple tasting room. It allows you to explore some of the tempting mixes that not only a Manitou Passage Rum but many of their other fabulous spirits offered. Take for instance Horse Radish Flavored Vodka...... HUH? Yeah, but Mark, sparkle in his eye, says, "Bloody Mary." Suddenly, a sample of vodka is mixed with their Blood Mary mix, I sip and ....... Oh yeah. I am not even a big fan of Bloody Marys and wow. That is how this place will surprise you!

So, on to the rum. Manitou Passage Rum is a white, proud of its Blackstrap Molasses raw materials and with a real nice sip. The nose is sweet, molasses, very light vanilla and I catch just plain sugar. Nice. But, as a white, this is waiting to be mixed. This would be great with Coke (I tried it with Coke Zero) but please don't let me stop you. I likes the caramel outburst white the cola. This rum is at home in any mixed drink - what ever it may be. As usual, a full taste/rating is written at RumRating.com, it may be a few days before it gets posted as this product is new so the webmaster has to add it after I send the information to him. But please feel free to look at all my ratings and join in too!
Starting out early that day, we had other stops and Mark, Mandy and everyone at Northern Latitudes Distillery were so much fun and so passionate about their Spirits that this is a definite Rick the Rum Runner recommendation. If you plan to be in the Lelanau Peninsula of Michigan -- do not pass up the opportunity to stop, visit and try their products.I know we will!
RTRR+rev.jpg As usual, Rick the Rum Runner reminds you that you must be legal drinking age and if driving; make sure you have a designated driver. Until next time I am happy to remain --

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