A return this coming Autumn, with a basket of apples, honey and maple syrup...

From me to you, with love...

"Apples & Cinna-Maple"

Its been a while since I've worked on apples. In fact, its been a while since I've posted my work for nearly 2 years as I needed to take a break from many things. For me its an intriguing yet, subtle return to doing cocktails based on floral epitaphs. A lot has happened and I cannot begin, for the half wit, out of my mind, begin to say how much or what went on. But, that I needed to go away and reconsider my stance in the world of bartending...

The transition, whilst was not easy, had its most glorious and beautiful moments...

I feel the drinks I make nowadays have far more significance, then the drinks I did, when I first posted all those years ago. If there are any records of my work left, for that fact.

Its no surprise I suddenly felt the need to come up with a cocktail that would mark a return, but a more softer approach or side, if you will, unlike years before. I wanted to come back and contribute as I did. I apologize if it has taken me a while to find my footing and that, I am here to stay for good. Hopefully, I won't have to go off somewhere and disappear anymore. I am so happy to be back and being behind the bar again...

Now on with Apples..

"Apples & Cinna-Maple" sums up a coming of season that is regarded by many as the turning of the climate. The trees, flowers and nature, in general prepare for winters coming. Hence, I wanted to create something that would remind me of my travels across the years I spent dotting the globe with my parents. As I began resurfacing over the last few months, I wanted to contribute something that would be benefiting for years to come. That I could personally share with people.

With that being said, this cocktail can be spun and re-imagined in countless ways that are a welcome getaway from the average go-to-cocktail in your house cocktail bible.

Autumn is coming soon and I sincerely hope, that even though this cocktail may win or not. It will, however, make use of any spare cut apples, cinnamon sticks in your spice rack, that delicious maple syrup you love putting on your pancakes, and whatever honey you have on hand in your pantry folks!

This is a beautiful creation meant to be planted and shared like flowers, only I'm doing this with apples.

You will need the following:

1. Applejack, Calvados, Apple Brandy or any Bourbon on hand. - 45ml

2. Cinnamon & Honey Syrup - 20ml ***(If you using a brand, you can dilute it with water to make it less concentrated)***

5. Maple syrup - 10ml ***(It's strong stuff so please taste, experiment with different brands first!)***

6. Apple Cider Vinegar - 5ml

6. Apple Juice - 30ml

5. Lemon juice - 15ml

6. Egg White - 1 Egg

Method: Double shaken & fine strain; like you would for a sour drink.

Glass: A rock glass or alternatively a Goblet, coupe, champagne saucer to fit the mood.

Garnish: sliced apples, dipped in maple, honey and cinnamon syrup, rolled in brown sugar and toasted with a flaming gun gently... DELICIOUS!

Alternatively, you can smoke a cinnamon stick, and use a smoking bell; use a peaty-Whisky and make this into a smoky variation. Its quite interesting what you can do, when your imagination sets the tone folks! Happy Autumn coming!


The Mystic Alchemist of Manchu, Manchu Bar, Georgetown, Penang.