“Silver City” is another beautiful production from the French craftsman Cristophe Laronde, known as “Neokid”. He was inspired by the stories of graphic novelist Luc Schuiten and created the work in homage to one of his stories featuring a perfectly symmetrical, palindromic world. In honor of this brilliant design from the enigmatic Frenchman, and coinciding with the start of this year’s Negroni week, the annual international fundraiser featuring everyone’s favorite cocktail, I’ve created a perfectly symmetrical, French themed version. The Negroni, as everyone now knows, is a classic Italian drink which originated sometime around 1919, when Count Camillo Luigi Manfredo Maria de Negroni asked for something stronger than his usual “Americano”, a vermouth and Campari sprtiz, at the Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy. The bartender swapped the spritz for gin and the Negroni was born. Negronis are incredibly versatile and stand up well to experimentation, with innumerable riffs using every base spirit imaginable to replace the gin. For this fanciful French variation, we are using French cognac, of course. Aperol, the lighter, more floral cousin of Campari, compliments the cognac quite nicely here, and we have something very special for the sweet vermouth. POE Wines in the Napa Valley was founded in 2009 by Samantha Sheehan. Their bottles feature a raven’s feather, in homage to their Poetic namesake. They have produced a limited edition of fruit forward sweet vermouth over the past few years as well, including the Vin D’Pampe Vermouth Rose, made from a base of their Pinot Noir rose. It’s grapefruit tones play magically with the Aperol and it shines in this cocktail. If you like grapefruit, this negroni was made for you. Just don’t be alarmed if you find the glass full again at the end of the evening. It’s all part of the symmetrical plan. Cheers!


Silver City Reviver

½ oz cognac

½ oz Aperol

1 oz Vin D’Pampe(or other grapefruit forward sweet vermouth)

½ oz Aperol

½ oz cognac

Stir with ice for the perfect amount (never odd or even) and strain into a favorite glass. Ensure the garnish is level and enjoy at noon (while listening to ABBA).


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