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It all begins on Sunday November 10 at Session Kitchen [1518 S Pearl Street]:

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8:00 – 10:00 pm – 2013 Denver Bacon Beer Cocktail 

Closing out the 2013 Bacon and Beer Festival, Industry Denver invites the festival’s bounty of chefs, brewers, and bacon and beer lovers back to Session Kitchen for the official after-gathering, But the official after-gathering isn’t the last spectacle of the 2013 Bacon and Beer Weekend, that’s not nearly enough.

We at Industry Denver couldn’t help but add an element of excitement to the gathering, so we invited eight creatively inspired bartenders to compete head to head in a light-hearted Iron Chef-style cocktail competition that begins at 8:00 pm. 2013 Denver Bacon Beer Cocktail will require competing bartenders to build cocktails out of Bacon in Round-1, Beer in Round-2, and Bacon and Beer in Round-3. Made possible by cordial spirit of Fernet-Branca and the Tennessee Whiskies of George Dickel, only one competitor will be named champion after a back-to-back-to-back series of wins through three rounds. Geared up to clink their shakers, we are proud to announce our lineup of bacon and beer creatives.

2013 Denver Bacon Beer Cocktail Competitors

Bacon Beer Cocktail_Featured Image


Kevin Burke

Melissa Durant

Stuart Jensen

Holland Rock-Garden

Ryan Conklin

Anika Zappe

Erin Harris

McLain Hedges


Details will be revealed through the week Industry Denver, stay tuned for when we announce our expert panel of judges, the menus, and more. We have no designated admission fee, we’d like to let you decide how much an Industry Denver experience is worth to you.

We do require a reservation, for which you can register from here.

Thank you to our team of our participating sponsors, creators, movers, and doers for making this event possible. 2013 Denver Bacon Beer Cocktail is produced by Industry Denver and Eat Boston in partnership with Session Kitchen, Fernet-Branca, George Dickel, and Harmonic Media. If you like what we do, subscribe to our mailing list for news about more events like this.

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