This cocktail is a real showcase of how modern mixology can be innovative and unique using ingredients which are rarely used in the cocktail world. Here I'm using Saffron and banana which blend together quite nicely but saffron is usually avoided because of its high cost. By turning it into an extract for the most part I get the most flavor and it becomes more cost efficient. The Bane's Gold uses a Londay Dry Style gin as the base, along with Orgeat almond syrup, saffron extract or commonly referred to as a tincture in the cocktail world, Giffords Banane du Brasil and a dose of fresh lemon juice. May you imbibe well.



2oz Gin

1/4oz House-made Extract of Saffron

1/2oz Giffords Creme de Banane

1/2oz Orgeat

3/4oz Fresh Lemon Juice

Orange oils

Prep: Place all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and shake well. Fine strain into a coupe and express orange oils over top. Garnish and enjoy

Saffron Extract/ Tincture

Place 3 grams of saffron (either Persian or Spanish)

into glass jar, then add 375ml or 12.5oz House bourbon and let sit over night. Saffron doesn't need to be strained out. NOTE* Also you do not need to use an over proof spirit either as saffron has very strong flavors and will extract quite nicely with standard 40% Alc. higher proof spirits are more useful with ingredients which are harder to extract the flavor.

Cocktail designed and styled by Jason Walsh Mixologist Nyc