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224 S 15th St btw Locust and Walnut Sts, Center City, Philadelphia PA

By Mariah Ghant, Guest Writer for A Girl's Guide to Drinking Alone

The Place: A three-story spot with a sick menu, lots of beer, and pictures of dogs!

The Time: Sunday, November 4th, 6pm. I just saw a pretty intense production of Sweat at Philadelphia Theatre Co. (a Pulitzer winning play by Lynn Nottage which I recommend everyone read or see a production of). After the heavy subject matter of the show, I am very ready to grab a drink.


The Vibe: Well, for starters, there’s nothing but photos of dogs lining the walls. Just the best doggos, smiling at you from behind glass picture frames. So we’re already in a feel-good spot. The different floors all seem to lend themselves to a different kind of energy. On the first floor (where I manage to snag a seat at the end of the packed bar), there are a few booths and some high tables. The second floor has a smaller bar and a couple tables, for the people who wanna laugh a little louder and get some direct attention from the bartender. And the top floor is equipped with a pool table, darts, and arcade games, making it ideal for larger groups. Back on the first floor, I settle into the music they’re playing, which is like a Best of Motown CD: “Easy Like Sunday Morning,” “Rubberband Man,” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” all make it into the rotation. It seems like people are mostly here on dates and small friend gatherings. There is definitely some mood lighting with little candles scattered around and dim overhead lights that just make it feel warm and cozy inside; again, a great date setting. A handful of TVs are mounted around the room playing the 76ers game and a Steelers game. But virtually no one here is paying attention to them. Everyone’s really enthralled in conversations and chatting about their weeks.

The Bartender: Aaron is great! I never feel like he’s crowding my space or checking in too often. He talks me into trying their Roast Pork Sandwich, which is phenomenal, so big thanks to him for that! He also gives me my drink for free. For a second I think he’s flirting, but truthfully, I think he’s just a nice dude.

The Drink: I get the No Collusion, a little citrusy cocktail of Christian Bros. Brandy, lemon, simple syrup, angostura bitters and prosecco. It’s a great combination of sour and smooth, mixed with the refreshing bubbles from the prosecco. It kinda sneaks up on me just how strong it is; I’m working pretty hard to not drink it so quickly! Next time though, I’ll definitely get a beer, just because they’ve got a great rotating selection and I'm looking forward to trying something new each time.

Was I Hit On? Nope. Not at all! Like I said, everyone here seems really caught up in their conversations. I can imagine it gets a little more crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, what with all the people walking through Center City looking for a place to grab a drink. Perhaps on those nights, you may be a bit more likely to get hit on, but while I’m here, I have nothing to report.

Should You Drink Here Alone? It’s worth a try! The overall atmosphere of the first-floor bar lends itself to being a spot where you can sit and have a cozy private hangout sesh with yourself. But I think next time I’m gonna bring some friends with me, just to show off my new favorite place and maybe check out the pups on the other floors.