I'm sorry, I will be quicker on these Barrell reviews because they are so awesome, and so limited. It is a safe bet to try them all. I have mentioned previously how awesome they are. So click this link if you want to read those, let's move on!

I stole this picture from their site, behold Batch 008
Basics on this bourbon:
~ Straight Bourbon
~ Distilled and aged in Tennessee
~ 114.8 proof {uncut, un-colored, non-chill-filtered}
~ 6 years {new, charred, #4 white oak}
~ 70% corn, 25% rye & 5% malted barley

This is in line with Batch 005, 006, 007, 007B and the 008, and it is fantastic.
The mash bill is very close and barrel char is the same, the ages vary, this batch was picked to highlight "the rare and bright flavor note" that you find in some barrels of whisky. These kinds of offerings show you how differently whiskey can evolve as it ages.

Rather than give a detailed tasting notes, I am going to send you to their website, fantastic notes by my pal Warren Bobrow.
I will say this, hundreds of delicious pastry descriptions and I would only scratch the surface. This is magnificent Bourbon! I was reminded of Parker Beam when I was writing this. He would often take the wind out of an airy description by saying something to the effect of: "Well, it just tastes like good bourbon."

Check out Batch 011 on their website: https://www.barrellbourbon.com/batch11

The company was founded by Joe Beatrice and Barrell Bourbon is committed to unique offerings with exceptional quality as the consistent bridge that connects each Batch. Click here to read their story on the website.

Oh, and the whole website is fantastic. You can check out reviews (or post your own) and there some details on every offering that they have released and how / where to find them: Check it out here: http://www.barrellbourbon.com/