I have no idea why this review was not posted already. Dang, I am so busy sometimes I get confused. I've have had this ruminating since late August and now it's late October--I have to be quicker on these Barrell reviews because they are so limited.I've already mentioned in my previous reviews how much I love this company's concept and selections, so click this link if you want to read those, let's move on! It is definitely getting to be deliciously predictable that the bottle will show up and be a winner, but I will do my due diligence! This will make 7 different offerings from the team at BARRELL and each one has been great whiskey.

I stole this picture from their site, behold Batch 008
Basics on this bourbon:
~ Straight Bourbon
~ Distilled and aged in Tennessee
~ 132.8 proof {uncut, un-colored, non-chill-filtered}
~ 9.5 years {new, charred, #4 white oak}
~ 70% corn, 25% rye & 5% malted barley

The biggest difference between Batch 005, 006, 007, 007B and the 008 is amazing. The mash bill is very close and barrel char is the same, the ages vary, but 008 is the oldest of this group and it is --by far-- the highest proof, it is almost 5% ABV higher than all the others of these. The mash bill; the distillery; the same barrel treatment, presumably the same aging warehouse. Like I said previously, these kinds of offerings show you how differently whiskey can evolve as it ages.

Aromas lead with smoky spice creamed corn with lots of fresh pepper, straw, pecans, and cacao.

The palate is a maze of nuance that must be attended to or you could miss so much (while still getting a whole bunch--there is a lot of love in there). The flavors are a displayer of checks and balances--stone fruits / chocolate, berries / articulated sugars. The tastes seem to dance and tease while dutifully reminding you of the savory spices.

The finish is warm, layered and lingers to attempt to remind you of all that you tasted and the power of the proof.

Excellent Bourbon! An absolute treat to taste.

Check out Batch 008 on their website: http://www.barrellbourbon.com/batch-008

The company was founded by Joe Beatrice and Barrell Bourbon is committed to unique offerings with exceptional quality as the consistent bridge that connects each Batch. Click here to read their story on the website.

Oh, and the whole website is fantastic. You can check out reviews (or post your own) and there some details on every offering that they have released and how / where to find them: Check it out here: http://www.barrellbourbon.com/ It looks like Batch 009 is out now (or coming soon!).
And as always, the Tasting Notes by Warren Bobrow are there to entice you,