Ok, Batch 004 of the Barrell Whiskey is here, we have already talked about why it is not Barrell Bourbon. You already know that I love this company! You also know my affection for American Whiskey and how happy I am that BARRELL is releasing these limited editions to show how great American Whiskey can be. This offering is fantastic, but the details are kinda all over the place.
So here is a brief breakdown of what is going on in it from the website:

"Barrell Whiskey 004 was distilled in Indiana and Tennessee and aged for 11 years in used American oak barrels, then finished in rum casks and rye barrels and bottled in Kentucky at 120.6 proof. We selected barrels of a Tennessee whiskey and an Indiana whiskey for this batch. Separately, the two whiskeys were finished in either rum casks left over from Barrell Rum Batch 001 production, or rye barrels to add structure and spice. We made four combinations: Tennessee whiskey finished in rum casks, Tennessee whiskey finished in rye barrels, Indiana whiskey finished in rum casks, and Indiana whiskey finished in rye barrels. We then selected and blended a number of barrels of both whiskeys with both finishes to create something really special."

Did you get all that? Wow.

~~~BARRELL Whiskey Batch 004:
~ Cask strength American Whiskey
~ Distilled in Indiana and Tennessee
~ Crafted and bottled in Kentucky
~ First in previously used American Oak
~ Finished in rum casks and rye barrels
~ 11 years aging before finishing
~ 120.6 proof {uncut, un-colored, non-chill-filtered}
~ Mash bill is corn, rye & malted barley

Batch 004 shows roasted fruits, creamy spice, tropical air and exotic aromas dance with traditional flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, toasty grains with fabulous balance and grace. A fun, complex and lovely whiskey.

The aromas lead with wet wood, stewed yellow apple, hard peach, tropical & citrus fruits and vanilla cream dusted with spice and powdered sugar. It is sharp, crisp, sweet, balanced and inviting.

The flavors show wound up spices that unfurl to a brisk, vibrant mouthfeel and candied fruits resolving at toasty grains and woody tones.

The finish fades restating all the fun beginning with a bitter snap that quickly transitions into spices that slowly fade back into the fruits, lingering on in wood nuance with supple savory hints; overall a sumptuous experience that needed to be repeated.
*Barrell Whiskey (Bourbon and Rum) was founded by Joe Beatrice; they are committed to unique offerings with exceptional quality to connect each Batch offering. They tell their story on the website, check it out.

The website is fun. Check out reviews (or post your own) and there are details on every offering that they have released and how / where to find them: Here is the address: http://www.barrellbourbon.com/