The end of the week has now crept up on us all, and some of us are experiencing this rare thing known as leaving the office prior to the sun going down. Not knowing what to do with this additional spare time, your natural instinct speaks to your mind saying to go out and get drunk. When entering the bar, you see that every single table's occupied and that there's a mere half a seat available for your usage. You then decide that this isn't your speed, and then proceed to head on home sad and sober... but wait; your friend just gifted you a new cocktail maker that you know nothing of besides the fact that it's yours now. You figure that now's the time to utilize it for your own good, but you need help using it; that's where I come in.

Meet Barsys

In short, Barsys is a robotic bartender that whips up flawlessly poured drinks and is controlled via their free user-friendly app that's available for download on Android and iOS. All you, the consumer, is responsible for doing is letting the platform know what ingredients you're using in the machine, and in return, Barsys will inform you as to what drinks it can make for you. The app is pre-programmed to make over 2,000 drinks and also allows for custom drinks to be made. Barsys was made with elevated user drinking in mind, as for “most people don’t realize that when mixing cocktails, it’s extremely important to have the proportion just right. Now anyone can make delicious cocktails right in their homes," as stated by Akshet Tewari, the Founder, and CEO of Barsys.

If making drinks at home isn't your thing, Barsys also has a B2B version for lease or purchase for restaurants, bars, hotels, and other establishments. Barsys will benefit businesses by reducing alcohol waste via equal distribution of precise pours with each drink. While Barsys isn't a replacement for a physical bartender, Barsys will free up time and allows for the bartender to interact with customers as drinks of all levels are being made. Additionally, through the app's portal, businesses can track each drink's popularity, the amount of alcohol that's consumed, and the consumption rate for different hours of the day. Barsys also links with POS systems and is available for pre-order. Barsys will be shipping in October and can be purchased via