If you live in Atlanta, you’re probably well aware of the new businesses popping up all over the city. While some of them are worthy of a swift side eye, one project in particular appears poised to be something special. Jen Price, of “The Chick’s Guide To Beer” fame, has launched a Kickstarter to help build the Atlanta Beer Boutique. The boutique, which is described as providing “a concierge beer buying experience,” will feature a retail shop, tasting/event room, and a homebrew kitchen.

“Drinkers of all tastes and experience levels will come to the boutique to find an old favorite, try something new and tasty, learn about beer in a friendly environment, visit with their friends, and even learn how to make beer!,” an introduction on the Kickstarter page for the Atlanta Beer Boutique reads.

This is an “all or nothing” project, so the entire $25,000 needs to be raised by May 10. Price’s Kickstarter is just shy of $18,000, so things are looking good but a great deal of money still needs to be raised. Donations for the Atlanta Beer Boutique range from $5 to “ball-out,” so if you’d like to support a great new addition to the city feel free to make it rain over on Kickstarter. Cheers!

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