Bellows Bourbon Ad Circa 1965

In 1965 this ad from Bellows Bourbon hit the localnewsstand. Instead of relying on fancy photography, clever packaging or beautiful women, Bellow’s decided to rely on the pure appeal of their brand name and 134 years of experience. Good idea?

1965 was a few years before my time so I don’t know if Bellows Bourbon was a respectable brand that couldlegitimatelymake this type of ad and experience success. Would love to hear from everyone who had personal experience with the brand back in the 960′s.

Today the Bellows Bourbon brand is part of the Beam family of products and is still available in some parts of the country for about $11 for a liter. What a deal!

Whether you fill your glass with Bellows or another bourbon this weekend I hope you have a good one. And to our friends on the East Coast bracing for the winter storm please remember to stock up early and be safe!

Bellows Bourbon Ad Circa 1965

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