Nomad Vancouver Restaurant Owner and Head Bartender Matt Van Dinther and recent winner of the Havana Club Daiquiri Competition made me the best whiskey cocktail ever: The Doctor's Orders. Named after Dr. Peychaud's it is a twist on the classic Sazerac Cocktail with Bourbon, Port, and Sherry! It is a perfectly balanced cocktail because the port is a digestive and the sherry is a aperitif. The absinthe rinse is very floral and the bitters add a depth to the cocktail not to mention the amazing home made coco vanilla bitters made by Matt!

3398d9f2c8268ed416437ee41629c00e1f9ac80e.jpgSee recipe below:


1.5 ounces of bourbon

.7 ounces of port

.25 ounces of sherry

2 dashes of home made coco vanilla bitters

2 dashes of Angostura bitters

2 dashes of Peychaud's bitters

Absinthe rinse

Expression of lemon


Stir all ingredients then fine strain into a Absinthe rinsed glass. Add expression of lemon. Enjoy!