My barrel aged twist on an old classic.

Previously, I had aged a vesper and a horses in this particular barrel. I thought the ginger notes from the horses would play well with the black walnut and remaining oak accents. It is a batched cocktail as my barrels are 5 liters, but scaled down it still works.


1 part rye whiskey (to soften the sweetness of the bourbon liqueur )
1 part black walnut bourbon liqueur
1/2 part Sweet vermouth
1/2 part Aperol or Campari


Batch into oak barrel and let rest for at least 1 month. I rested this for 5 weeks in oak then strained and rested another week in glass bottles in the fridge.

Pour 3 1/2 ounces into mixing glass with large ice and stir until desired dilution. 30 or so stirs. Pour into coupe and serve. 30 or so stirs. Pour into coupe and serve.


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