Blackberry Lillet

This is two cocktails in a row with Rothman and Winter Apricot, for the record. But that’s ok. It’s summertime and I could drink that spirit by the gallon if that was socially acceptable.

This is an incredibly simple, monstrously delicious summer sipper. It’s light, fruit forward and effervescent. It’s also low alcohol so you can enjoy a few of them without having to go to bed. I happened to have fresh blackberries in the fridge, but you could substitute a different summer berry if you felt so inclined. I’m sure raspberries would be a delicious alternative.

I like a stemless wine glass and a giant ice cube for this drink, but a highball glass is likely more appropriate. Use whatever moves you.

Blackberry Lillet

1 oz Rothman and Winter Apricot

3 oz Lillet Blanc

Handful of Blackberries

A Little Bit of Sugar

Club Soda

Combine the blackberries, Apricot Liqueur and Sugar in a shaker and shake to combine. Strain over new ice and top with club soda. No need for additional garnish (although a sage leaf or two wouldn’t be a bad thing) as the blackberry pulp does just fine. Enjoy!

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