February brings plunging temperatures, Valentine's Day, and Blood Oranges, my favorite winter citrus of them all! I love the deep purple flesh of blood oranges and the bitter bite that separates them from regular oranges. A few years back I created a Blood Orange Negroni using a sous-vide, infusing the blood oranges into the gin. This year I wanted to play with the bitters, kicking off a winter of blood orange aperitifs.



For cocktail nerds in New York City, you already know about Cafe Dante's Garibaldi created by Naren Young. It's frothy, bitter, and (quite frankly) perfect. I wanted to create a Blood Orange version of this cocktail - made with blood orange infused bitters and blood orange juice. Part of Dante's trick to getting this cocktail to its frothy state is in the juicer, a standard Breville. Instead ofusing a juicer, I hand squeezed, and then shook the blood orange juice to simulate the aeration process of the juicer. I didn't quite get it to Dante's level of froth, but the blood orange makes up for it, making it rounder, sweeter, and a lovely variation to the classic.

I hope all you bleeding hearts out there enjoy this cocktail as much as I do.


Without further ado, the Blood Orange Garibaldi:

Blood Orange Garibaldi
Modified by Gastronomista

1-1/2 oz Blood Orange Infused Luxardo Bitter or Campari
4 oz Fresh Blood Orange Juice

In a small high ball glass mix the bitters and a splash of orange juice with a few ice cubes. Add the remaining juice, and top with a slice of a fresh orange.



Blood Orange Infused Luxardo Bitter

3-4 Small Blood Oranges, peeled and pith removed, sliced
2/3 Bottle of Luxardo Bitter

Add oranges to a non reactive container and top with Luxardo Bitter. Let sit for 3-4 days. Will keep for 4-6 weeks.


Styling Notes:
Love Potion Decanter - Love and Victory
Glasses - Vintage
Silver Tray - Vintage