That chill in the air means it's time to put on some warmer clothing, and pull out some specific spirits which are so welcome this time of year. The name of this drink, after the wonderful band of the same name, means "Good Winter", but evokes the change in seasons with a hopeful vibe. I created it to have something delicious and warming to turn to on a regular basis, using specific flavors of the season. There's apple brandy which settles it distinctly in autumn, a citrusy amaro for a crisp cold weather snap, and the rich fortified wine Barolo Chinato which brings a touch of bitterness and grounds the drink for balance. Smoothing it all out with charred cedar bitters adds just the right touch for the fall, and a final secret ingredient, sapele wood bitters, will make you fall in love with this drink. The infusion of this special wood lends a sweet and mellow flavor you might expect could only come from years of aging inside a barrel. Happy fall!

Bon Iver

1 oz Laird's apple brandy

1 oz Meletti amaro

1 oz Barolo Chinato

2 dashes charred cedar bitters

2 dashes sapele wood bitters

Stir ingredients over ice and strain into a favorite glass. Citrus twist garnish and a wooden stirring stick.