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I have a soft spot for Strongbow. It brings me back to my days in London, drinking cider at the local pub. I recently picked up a case of Strongbow’s Artisanal Blend — and it was quite a surprise to the taste buds!

The cider makers at Strongbow experimented by mixing a myriad of apples from their own orchards to perfect the flavor profile in Artisanal Blend. In the end, three heirloom varieties are featured: Dabinett, Major, and Harry Master’s Jersey. These three varieties come together with the ripe notes of the apples’ natural sweetness balanced by the flavor of grassy earth and an acidic pop of tartness. Layers of aroma that evoke kiwi, melon and mango stimulate the senses while bubbles provide the palate with a crisp refreshing taste. The blend also has a rustic hazy appearance that harkens back to past generations. This lively, sessionable cider is 6% ABV, gluten free and has 181 calories per 11.2 fl. oz. serving.

I was so happy to experiment with it. Sip it watching TV and during Sunday meals. After a few bottles, I decided to craft something easy and sippable.

4e93190138270bcb673372ed2241c4d6d438d6e2.jpg3/4 Bottle Strongbow

1.0 oz Chambord

Mix in Collins Glass

It’s quick, easy and a little fruity and fizzy. Enjoy beauties!