Lauren Mayer and Gabby Shayne (aka The Whiskey Sisters) of Spirit Imports are taking their whisky tasting show on the road to host six events in six different cities across the country…

Loyal readers are well aware that we are veterans of many a Whisky Extravaganza (which was hosted and organized by Lauren and Gabby!), so rest assured when we say that Lauren and Gabby are bona fide whisky pros who know how to host a fabulous event. Whisky lovers in Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia will have the opportunity to sample 12 different whiskies from The John Milroy Selection, while Seattle, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles whisky lovers will sample 14 different whiskies from The Classic Cask.

Below are links to each of the six events:

Just so you know, Limpd and I will be attending the Philadelphia show and the West Coast Office will be attending the LA show with his Better Half, so we hope to see you there!