Ah. If life was perfect I'd be enjoying a Vietnamese iced coffee with THC infused condensed milk. A confection beyond the mundane. It is sublime. the recipe can be made as a Mock Tail or a full on Cannabis and light rum concoction . In my book Cannabis Cocktails it was a mock . But add a bit of fresh rum and we have a salubrious treat to sate the senses.

  • Viet iced coffee with a twist.
  • 1 oz. THC infused condensed milk. ( less is more!)
  • 4 oz Vietnamese Chicory Coffee. Iced
  • 1 oz white rum or Rhum Agricole
  • Ice.


Pour over fresh ice


Condensed milk.

Rum as a floater.

Never more than one per hour

THC amounts vary. Like that axiom of spicy Thai. Never order too spicy. You always can add more spice. Never take away!