“And though our health we drank a thousand times, it’s time to ramble on …” -Led Zeppelin

Inspired by Led Zeppelin’s classic rock song, Ramble On, here is the first in a series of Rocktails (cocktails that rock!) from Bloomery SweetShine! This one is based on the classic Bramble which features gin, fresh lemon, simple syrup, and blackberry liqueur. We’ve jazzed it up a bit by incorporating barrel aged gin, fresh blackberries and mint, and Ginger SweetShine.

Here’s what you need:


fresh mint

1 oz fresh lemonade

1 1/2 oz barrel gin

1/2 oz Ginger SweetShine

crushed ice

candied ginger (optional)

Bramble On-2

Start by adding blackberries and mint to a short glass.

Bramble On-3

Add 1 oz lemonade.

Bramble On-4


Bramble On-5

Place ice on a towel.

Bramble On-6

Beat it. Just beat it. Wait …. wrong song.

Bramble On-7

Crushed ice is very important to the recipe. It dilutes the cocktail a little quicker and makes it extra cold and refreshing.

Bramble On-8

Fill your glass until you have a dome of crushed ice.

Bramble On-9

Add 1 1/2 oz barrel aged gin, or any gin you prefer.

Bramble On-10

Top with 1/2 oz Ginger SweetShine.

Bramble On-11

Don’t forget this very important step, though. Shake well first!

Bramble On

Give it a stir and garnish with fresh mint, a lemon wheel, blackberries, and a piece of candied ginger (if desired).

Bramble On-12

Bramble On with Ginger SweetShine.

Bramble On-13