burnside bourbon Burnside Bourbon is a small-batch straight bourbon that’s been aged for four years. It was introduced in March 2012 by Eastside Distilling in Portland, OR, a company that’s also making a potato vodka, flavored rums and a handful of other spirits.

Burnside Bourbon pours a deep amber color in the glass. Even from a distance you’ll get strong aromas of cinnamon and toasted oak. Dive in further for some caramel, cereal grains, brown sugar and an overall nose that’s a big blend of sweet and spice. Drink up to find tons of oak (hard to believe this is only aged four years), plus more cinnamon, vanilla and pepper. It’s flavorful, but a little hot, and everything seems a little closed off. Try a couple drops of water, and things come together a bit more harmoniously. It finishes long and very spicy, with burnt sugar, walnuts and baking spices.

At 48% ABV, Burnside really shows its proof. It’s bold and spicy through and through, which should yield some fun application in cocktails. For sipping purposes, it’s a little rough around the edges, but fans of woody bourbons will find a lot to like about this one. Average drinkers, on the other hand, may be put off by Burnside’s overtly oaky and spicy character. Either way, it’s worth sampling. And at a modest $28, it’s a great value for a small batch bourbon.

- 48% Alcohol by Volume
- $28

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