The Mapa de Aromas da Cachaça (Cachaça Aroma Wheel) is a tool to describe the aromatic attributes that can be found in the Brazilian spirit. It was designed and created by Felipe Jannuzzi and Aline Bortoletto, and reviewed by André Alcarde and Eduardo Martins. Its creation was a partnership between researchers from University of Sao Paulo and Mapa da Cachaça.

Based on various scientific researches and inspired by several aroma wheels for wine, cognac, whiskey, tequila, cheese, bread and coffee, the Mapa de Aromas da Cachaça aims at helping tasters in the perception of the main flavors present in the cachaça.

To start tasting and exercise the recognition of aromatic attributes in cachaça, we suggest that you select two or more different types of cachaça, taste them and try to describe them using the Mapa de Aromas da Cachaça.