A craft bourbon made in California, through contract distillation, and finished in toasted French Oak; Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey is the latest thing to show up on the California craft whiskey scene. Made by the same folks who make Riptide Rye Whiskey, it’s an interesting direction for a small craft company to go.

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey

Typically you see craft distilleries starting with a standard bourbon and rye, or more often a gin, “moonshine” or vodka but Cali is hitting the ground running with a finished bourbon. Something that isn’t typically the first stop for companies but a third or fourth. As I said, it’s an interesting direction, let’s see how it goes.

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey Review: Details and Tasting Notes

In Cali Distillery’s Words: Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey

DoubleWood is our high rye bourbon shaped by exposure to two very different varieties of oak. CALI Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey starts out in charred new American Oak barrels, and finishes with toasted French Oak.

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey Details

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey price, ABV, age and other details

Region: California, USA

Distiller: Cali Distillery
Mash Bill: 70% Corn, 23% Rye, 7% Malted Barley
Cask: New Charred Oak & Toasted French Oak
Age: NAS
ABV: 40%

Price: $33*

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey Tasting Notes

Light copper

Young oak, apples, peanuts, spice and light notes of citrus, vanilla and cotton candy.

Caramel, young oak, apples, spice and light notes of vegetable oil and nuts.

Med-short -> Caramel, orchard fruit, spice, vanilla and cocoa.

Not balanced, medium body and a light feel.

An interesting double barrel aged california bourbon. First in new charred oak and finished in ex-wine casks.

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey Review: OVERALL

The longer it sits the more it becomes “crafty”. The aroma gets more of that young oak smell of raw wood bolstered by the light sweet notes of vanilla and cotton candy. The palate takes on more of a sawdust character, but with a good layer of spice and fruit to keep it from being one noted. The finish is my favorite part.

I see what they’re trying to do with the Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey, and this is the first run at a goal that is more than admirable. They’re trying to do something different and unique in a way that’s honest and approachable. But craft bourbon is tough and that young raw wood flavor never sits well with me, but thankfully that’s easy to fix. A bit more age to take the edge off and it’ll be something I could enjoy sipping on a warm Cali evening. Not there yet, but headed in the right direction.

SCORE: 75/100 (C)

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey Review

*Disclosure: This was Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey sample was graciously sent to me by the company for the purposes of this review. The views, opinions, and tasting notes are 100% my own.
Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey Review
  • Nose - 75
  • Palate - 75
  • Finish - 75
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 75

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey Review Summary

Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey is unique, I’ll give them that. It just needs a bit more age to get rid of the “young craft” profile and it should end up being a good whiskey.

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Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey Label

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