Caliche Puerto Rican Rum, a product from the maker’s ofDonQ that brings a neat flavor profile to the table. Let’s get right into it, we’ve got a crystal clear product inCaliche that smells of sweet aroma, caramels, butterscotches and brown sugar, something I’d expect from a dark rum. The smooth medium bodied liquid tastes great on the tongue with only minimal burn factor in the finish.

At USD$24, this light rum commands a fairly high price compared to other rums in the category. However, at the same time, most rums within this category do not taste like a darker rum when you close your eyes and take a taste. Indeed, when you sip onCaliche Rum you get a nice sweet flavor that is both within the spirit and the aroma that makes its way through your nose as the liquid sits upon the tongue. Lovely.

The brown sugars and caramel/vanilla lighten up the start and follow through into the finish which ends crisp and clean with a bit of alcohol burn (at room temperature without icing). Overall, I believeCaliche Rum will work great as a main focus in a cocktail from martini to more complex creations as long as you don’t add too many ingredients to lose the heritage and flavor ofCaliche. If you’re just messing around and adding a bunch of alcohols to a drink (read: Long Island Iced Tea), I’d suggest a cheaper rum for such an activity.

But, if you want to sport a flavorful cocktail with great flavor, than you need some flavorful great flavor spirits likeCaliche Rum.