The Caraway and Chocolate was a drink I made while working as bar manager at a very nice restaurant in Copenhagen. We build the menu around akvavit with the rule that the one cocktail allowed on the menu on something else than akvavit should be based on something made in Scandinavia. It was on the menu for a few months, then I took it off because people started ordering it without ooking in the menu. It made its way into our akvavit book from 2016 "AKVAVIT - Rediscovering a Nordic Spirit".

Caraway's flavour is made up of lemony oils and something called carvone, which can have a very distinct caraway aroma, but is also found in chocolate and spearmint and eucalyptus (and a lot of other places). The fizz is a play on sweet and heavy ingredients spiced up with chili and lemon.

1,5 cl of simple syrup

3 cl of lemon juice

2 cl of heavy chocolate liqueur (I used Marie Brizard's Chocolat Royal)

4 cl of Taffel Akvavit (I made my own in a still on the back bar and now I work at Copenhagen Distillery, but Aalborg would work fine, you can get that in most markets) infused with fresh chili until a delicate bite develops, it's really a matter of taste, and chilis differ, even same harvest from the same plant, so taste often and be ready to filter.

Dash of egg white.

Shake it well, serve it in fitting glassware, top it off with a splash of soda and garnish with coarsely ground cocoa beans.

The drinks comes out looking like a heavy stout, but the taste is fresh and zesty.