Put down that bourbon, and leave that bottle of Irish whiskey under the bar. Save the Canadian blends for another day.

Thursday — this Thursday most assuredly — is for Scotch.

After all, July 27 is National Scotch Day. As though we need another reason to drink the iconic Scottish whisky.

Regardless, the folks at Beam Suntory offered a couple of good reasons to partake, more specifically Auchentoshan and the irresistibly funky Laphroaig Lore.

Auchentoshan, the original city Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a news release says, in July released The Bartender’s Malt, a blend of selected by some of the “most innovative bartenders in the world.”

Bartenders from the U.S. to Sweden, Germany, the U.K. and Canada.

“Each member of the New Malt Order has made an indelible mark on our Single Malt to create not just a new liquid but a new interpretation of our brand,” said Judith Giegerich, Senior International Brand Manager Malts for Beam Suntory. “We’re proud to champion the talents of dynamic bartenders from around the world who refuse to be constrained by tradition and look forward to sharing The Bartender’s Malt with the global bartending community.”

“Smooth, yet gusty,” the company says. “Approachable, yet deep. Auchentoshan is the alternative malt for newcomers and whisky lovers alike.”

The single-malt is sweet and smoky with a hint of apricots, honey and tobacco leaf.

It’s 94-proof and about $47, and availability is limited.

The peaty Laphroaig clocks in at 96 proof and costs nearly twice as much.

This is no doubt a whisky to savor slowly.

Laphroaig (La-‘froyg) literally means “the beautiful hollow by the broad bay,” a news release says.

Each bottle brings a distinctive taste, and it’s one of only a few distilleries that still uses traditional malting floors and dries and infuses its own malt with the thick blue smoke from old peat-fired kilns, the company says.

“Rich and smoky with seaside minerals and a hint of ash and bitter chocolate drops. Vanilla follows with oily unroasted chestnuts and a hint of fudge with a malty sweetness. Short, dry finish and a long, sweet aftertaste.

“The uniquely rich flavor is the result of liquid being drawn from a selection of casks including double matured first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels followed by Virgin European Oak, first-fill Oloroso Sherry butts, first-fill and refill quarter casks and refill ex-Laphroaig stock, capturing the timeless passion and very essence of the Laphroaig Distillery.”

Grab one of these, or one of the many great single-malt or blended Scotches on shelves throughout the world. Worry about the bourbon later.